Flower Meanings

Flower names are akin to our own names by way of meaning something. The names of common flowers have their own meanings and generous doses of symbolism too. Every flower has something unique and special to offer and goes with specific occasions. Flowers, as we all know, are the best gifting options for all occasions and also symbolic of love, affection, warmth, congratulatory wishes and what not! Flowers are those angels of God and Nature that help us express complex emotions without saying a word! This is what makes them inseparable from all our special occasions and celebrations. There are innumerable flowers that we use from time to time and these have their own special colours and fragrances.

Flowers are symbolic of many different things including good luck, love, affection, friendship and even spirituality. Flowers are deep-rooted parts of our lives and we cannot really imagine our existence without them. Flowers play multifaceted roles right from beginning and consolidating relationships and friendships to saying sorry or thank you to congratulating someone for an accomplishment and also for proposing to your special someone. Flowers play many parts in our lives and are wonderful gifts as you already know.

Flowers help in cultivating relationships and every flower has a particular significance based on the occasion on which it is best suited for. Flowers help even silences turn pleasurable by conveying volumes about our heart's desires. Flowers, just like human emotions, come in several types, shades and hues. Flowers convey loads of emotions right from a parent's love to romance to carefree friendship and happiness and what not! Love is just as unpredictable yet indispensable like flowers. They can make you smile, laugh, cry, think, feel and express in magical yet silent ways.

Would you have imagined a colourful and many layered life without the presence of beautiful flowers? Flowers definitely contribute towards cheering us up and spreading happiness all over the world across many occasions. They are what lends Nature its own vibrant hues and should be taken care of lovingly. Flowers should be planted, shaded and taken care of impeccably. The meanings of flowers may be unique but they are synonymous with life itself and all its diverse flavors. Discovering the unique meanings of flowers and their symbolic aspects is a fun-filled activity in itself.


Carnations are regarded as The Flowers of God and the association harks back to Dianthus, their scientific name which is the contribution of Theophrastus, the Greek botanist. The name is split into the Greek words dios (Zeus) and anthos (flower). Carnations are also symbolic with love and are popular for their lovely fragrance.Read More


Daffodils are also called Narcissus and are wonderful anniversary gifts, particularly when couples have crossed 10 years together. They are also symbolic of respect and are known for infusing good cheer and warmth into any home or setting. They were favorite choices for Romans and Greeks and they were famously the subject of a poem by William Wordsworth. Read More


Dahlias were made the national flower for Mexico in 1963. These are wonderful flowers which can be gifted on wedding anniversaries. These are popular summer flowers and are quite beautiful with several sizes, shapes and colors. They are highly elegant and symbolic of lasting commitments.Read More


Daisy is also known as Bellisperennis and this can be a lovely gift for wedding anniversaries. Daisies open up wonderfully during the day and close again at night. Daisies are also good wedding flowers since they are symbolic of love, cheerfulness, innocence and purity. Daisies usually come with a yellow center and petals in white.Read More


Heather flowers are also called Calluna Vulgaris. They can be cultivated easily and come with flowers which are velvety and tender. Heather flowers are the best options when it comes to expressing your admiration for somebody and also help in conveying feelings to someone who look up to.Read More


Hyacinths are flowers that are dedicated to the Greek Sun God Apollo who is also considered as a chief patron of the arts. They are indicative of several things. Hyacinths are often linked to happiness and pure love. Hyacinths may also mean expressions of sorrow/regret for something.Read More


Lilacs or Syringa are considered delightful spring flowers. These flowers have several colors and types with different meanings for each. These flowers make for splendid anniversary gifts and have their origins in Greek mythology. Read More


Lilies are also called Lilium and are excellent gifts for 30th anniversaries of couples. These flowers are symbolic of purity, rebirth, beauty, motherhood and good luck. The Greeks cherished lilies since they believed Read More


Lotus is often considered a sacred flower in India and is scientifically known as Nelumbonucifera. These flowers are often linked to Lord Buddha and is the national flower for both Vietnam and India. Lord Krishna is known as the lotus-eyed one in Hindu mythology Read More


Marigold is also called Genda in Hindi and is a popular flower when it comes to weddings and several auspicious ceremonies. These flowers were popularly believed to be used by none other than Lord Rama and this explains their intricate association with any ceremony that is highly auspicious. Read More


Orchids are known as Orchidaceae and are often indicative of a supremely beautiful lady and elevated love. Orchids are symbolic of beauty that is highly exotic and also femininity. This is a perfect gift for Women’s DayRead More


Peonies are traditionally Chinese floral symbols and they can be gifted to couples on their 12th wedding anniversary. Peonies are also popular as wedding flowers since they indicate prosperity and a happy marriage ahead.Read More


Poppies are linked to the Greek God of Dreams Morpheus. These are ideal gifts for 9th wedding anniversaries. They are also indicative of imagination and this makes them ideal gifts for people who are creative. Poppies also make for splendid home décor flowers. Read More


It goes by the name of Tuberose in English. The common name derives from the Latin tuberosa, meaning swollen or tuberous in reference to its root system. They are valued highly by aesthetes for their beauty and fragrance. Read More


The Rhododendron means rose or red tree and is originally native to Nepal. It is also the national flower of Nepal. The bell-shaped rhododendron flowers belie what grows beneath and its leaves have proven to be poisonous Read More


The name rose comes from the Latin word Rosa. It has been the ultimate choice for professing one’s love for centuries now. From love, passion and sensuality to wisdom, this flower has been the living image Read More


Sunflowers are known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect gift for bringing joy to someone’s day. The meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the sun itself. Its scientific name, Helianthus Read More


Tulips make for an excellent 11th year anniversary gift for couples. The name may have been derived from the Persian word for turban which has a close resemblance to the shape of the flower or the Turkish word Tulbend meaning muslin or gauze. Read More


The word 'Violet' comes from the Latin name 'Viola’ which means thoughts occupied with love. Violets typically have heart-shaped leaves and asymmetrical flowers. The shape of the petals defines many species and these have been used for all Read More


Named after a botanist Dr Johann Gottfried Zinn who first discovered the flower, Zinnia is one of the most exuberant flowers available. Thoughts of friends or thoughts of a missing friend are the most common meanings for the zinnia. Some of the other interpretations of the flower include endurance, daily remembrance, goodness and lasting affection. Read More