Lily - Pure beauty and Elegance

Lilies are also called Lilium and are excellent gifts for 30th anniversaries of couples. These flowers are symbolic of purity, rebirth, beauty, motherhood and good luck. The Greeks cherished lilies since they believed that these had been born from the milk of the queen of gods Hera who was also Zeus’ wife. Lilies bloom from early April and keep blooming till September.

They are excellent for weddings and also as good luck and anniversary gifts. They can be gifted to couples and also for expectant mothers. Lilies are also believed by many to be symbolic of the chastity and purity of the Virgin Mary.

Types of Lilies:

Yellow Lilies

This color is symbolic of enjoyment and thankfulness so yellow lilies can be excellent thank you gifts. They can be great gifts or additions to any cheerful and warm occasion since they are symbolic of beauty and happiness.

White Lilies

These are symbolic of virtue and purity and are considered excellent options when it comes to weddings.

Orange Lilies

These are also called Tiger Lilies and are symbolic of wealth, confidence and pride.

Pink Lilies

The pink or stargazer lilies are symbolic of abundance and prosperity and are some of the most beautiful varieties around.

Red Lilies

These are highly symbolic of passion and should be gifted to young couples or couples who are still young at heart.