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Jade Plant

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Everything You Need to Know About Jade Plant

The Jade Plant, scientifically called Crassula Ovata, is an iconic succulent plant many people treasure for its resilience and beauty. It belongs to the family Crassulaceae and is native to South Africa. However, it has been widely adopted worldwide because of its diversity and ability to grow in almost any situation. These plants are among the plants whose thick, shiny leaves and attractive look are bound to be welcomed at your place.

Apart from being attractive, jade plants are the best choice when looking for indoor plant gifts since they have very few needs and are low maintenance. Whether you're a horticulturist with any experience or just starting to get your hands in the mud, these are one of those rewarding subjects to get your hands into.

Types of Jade Plants - Most Liked Among Plant Lovers

If you are on the lookout for Jade plants then discover the best collection of them on the FNP website. Offering amazing variety, you will find various types of this Crassula ovata with us that cater to different spaces and setups. Before discussing its various types, We need to clarify that the common jade is one of the most popular ones when it comes to gifting.

Pink Jade - Boasting a pretty pink hue, pink jade plants are known for adding a delicate touch of femininity to any space. They are perfect not just as a decorative arrangement but also as promoting a sense of tranquillity and serenity.

Gollum Jade - Resembling elongated fingers or tubes, Gollum Jade plants are known for their playful and captivating appearance. Easy to care for, these plants thrive in bright but indirect sunlight making them a perfect pick for both beginners and plant enthusiasts.

Miniature Jade - When it is about adding elegance, tranquillity and beauty to any space, miniature jade plants are one of the perfect additions. With their intricate foliage and petite size, you can arrange them in small places, office desks and corner shelves.

Hobbit Jade - Adding enchantment to any space, hobbit jade plants feature a unique appearance and captivating presence. Characterised by their quirky and twisted leaves, these green beauties can spark conversation wherever they are placed.

Buy Jade Plants Online at Best Prices - FNP 

Looking forward to buying lucky plants for home? Buy jade plants online at the best prices from the FNP.com collection. Add this elegant indoor plant, which brings prosperity and positive energy to your décor. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift to someone else, our jade plant selection ensures a touch of greenery and luck in any environment. With the convenience of online shopping, finding the perfect jade plant gift has never been easier. Today, bring home fortune and beauty with the pretty-looking lucky plants by FNP.

Best Gift for Plant Lovers Does Exist - Jade Plant Gift Options

With so many benefits and timeless appeal, jade plants are a great gift for your loved one who is interested in green and believes in positivity.

For Mom: Express love and gratitude for a gift such as the "Forever Grateful To Mom Jade Plant Pot," symbolising prosperity and good fortune. The low maintenance requirement of a jade plant can come in handy for a busy mom who still wants a taste of what nature has to offer in the environs of her home.

For Teacher: Express your token of appreciation to the teacher you treasure the most with the “No. 1 Teacher Jade Plant Mug, or No.1 Teacher Jade Plant Surprise.” It wouldn't add only a hue of green to their classroom; it could be symbolic of growth and learning—the kind of nourishment a good teacher can give.

With indoor plants in vogue, the jade plant is most versatile in any growing condition, thus befitting any recipient. On any special or no-occasion day, FNP brings in several jade plant gifts to please lovers of the green world.

Let FNP Bring Up the Joy - Jade Plant Delivery

Experience FNP's delivery excellence for once-in-a-lifetime moments with a beautiful combo crafted as indoor plants for bedrooms. Trust our 1994-establishment reliability across 320+ Indian stores for timely deliveries in the country.

When you buy jade plants online from us, we ensure that they are fresh and in prime condition, offering same-day, midnight, standard, or express delivery and early morning delivery to heighten the experience of tailored delivery.

Enjoy scheduling your favourite time and date with immense convenience. Don't hesitate to select your favourite one and place your order today to infuse your space with greenery and positivity.

Why Choose FNP.com for Jade Plant Supplies

Let's delve into the compelling reasons why you should choose FNP.com for jade plants:

Diverse Selections: FNP.com offers many varieties of jade plants, from simple jade plants in ceramics, metals, or glasses to personalised mugs. Explore combinations with cakes, flowers, and roses to tailor your gift.

On-time Deliveries: You can be sure that at FNP.com, time is valued. Your gift will be delivered as per the scheduled time and date, no matter when or which date it is, so your special moment won't be spoiled.

Guaranteed Quality: At FNP.com, quality is an attribute that is not compromised. Our products pass through strict quality checks so that only the best reach your door.

Reasonable Price: Find an irresistible price without the pain of bargaining for quality. Be it any succulent plant, pots, and plates, beginning at a nominal cost, FNP promises you the best value for your money.

Select your favourite plant from FNP.com and elevate the joy of any occasion for your loved ones.


Q1. How much water does a jade plant require daily?

The jade plant's watering is usually done every two to three weeks, with the soil getting dry between the periods.

Q2. How is the jade plant lucky?

Jade is considered a lucky plant since it is commonly connected with prosperity and positivity in numerous cultures.

Q3. Is gifting a jade plant a good idea?

A jade plant would be a perfect gift, as this is a sign of good luck and, therefore, very appropriate and meaningful.

Q4. What are the care requirements for jade plants?

Considerations exist regarding their care: Jade plants require well-draining soil, with occasional watering and sufficient sunlight.

Q5. How big do jade plants grow?

Jade plants will reach a height of 3 to 10 feet and spread up to 3 feet if not pruned, and they can be pruned at any time to keep them smaller.

Q6. Can jade plants tolerate low light conditions?

Jade plants need bright, indirect light but can adapt well to low-light conditions.