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Cactus & Succulent Plants

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Jade Whispers Mug Ensemble

"Everything is good they given on time delivery and product quality is good . This is my second order

- Jagadeesh

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Jade N Milt Sansevieria Plant Glass Vase Terrarium

"Good and healthy plants. On time delivery.

- Rahul Sharma

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Ficus Bonsai In Sea House Planter Hand Delivery


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Buy Beautiful Cactus & Succulents Online In india For Your Loved Ones

Cactus and Succulents have a difference. Succulent is the group of plants that can retain moisture or water in their roots, stems, and leaves and cactus or cacti is a member of this group of plant. Cactuses are available in a variety of size & shape. Their unique appearance makes them stand apart in the world of plants. In case, you are looking for something to enhance the beauty of your place, then, you can settle for the beautiful succulents and cactus plants. Buy succulent plants in India online after having a look at our website. Aloe vera, howarthia, jade plant, or echeveria plant are some of the popular succulent plants. Among cactus plants in India, you will find the echinocactus grusonii, prickly pear cactus, moon cactus, citroen c4 cactus, or pink cactus. Cactus and succulent plants would be a great addition to your window pane, balcony, study room, living room, dining table, coffee table, or office table. In your balcony, you can keep these succulent cactuses as hanging plants too to attract people. Or one can also keep these plants at the entrance or lawn in a beautiful design. As a gift for your loved ones, cactus and succulents would be a great choice truly.

Order Cactus or Succulents As Gifts For Various Occasions From FNP

Do you know that cactus and succulent indoor and outdoor plants actually symbolize warmth, protection, endurance, and maternal love? Therefore, as a gift for your mom's birthday or Mother's Day these plants would be a perfect choice. As a housewarming gift or Thanksgiving gift also, you can opt for these wonderful succulents. Apart from succulents and cactuses, you will also find a wide range of air purifying plants here on our website. So, explore all these categories well and place an order before all your special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, New Year, Chinese New Year, Mid- Autumn festival, Hari Raya Puasa, National Day, or Deepavali. You can order these amazing plants using our next day delivery services and we assure you a swift and timely delivery at the doorstep of your loved ones.

Learn these Cactus Care Tips and Make your Plant Healthy and Happy

Cactus are one of the most beautiful plants. They are unique and make for a great houseplant. Knowing these basic cactus care tips will help your plant grow and be healthy.

  • Water your cactus properly. It is known that cactus do not need much water as it stores it in its stem. But that does not mean that you don't water them for long intervals. Check the soil every week and if 2-3 inch of it is dry then water them But not much as overwatering can lead to killing the plant.
  • Use soil for your cactus with more sand and rocks for the water to get drained properly.
  • Keep them in enough light. A spot in your house that is the warmest and sunniest is best for them to thrive.
  • Fertilise them lightly during the summers as they are the growth months and will benefit the plant a lot.