Daisies - Day's Eye

Daisy is also known as Bellisperennis and this can be a lovely gift for wedding anniversaries. Daisies open up wonderfully during the day and close again at night. Daisies are also good wedding flowers since they are symbolic of love, cheerfulness, innocence and purity. Daisies usually come with a yellow center and petals in white. The white color is symbolic of innocence, healing and purity while yellow signifies radiance, vitality and creativity. There are more than 20, 000 types of plants in the daisy family. Daisies can be good gifts for friends since they also symbolize patience, love and loyalty. Daisies can also be great gifts for children or new mothers since they symbolize new beginnings. They can be gifts for lovers since they symbolize harmonious blending.

Types of Daisy -

Michaelmas Daisy

Also known as Aster amellus, these daisies can be great farewell gifts for colleagues or loved ones who are shifting somewhere else. They are symbolic of departure and farewell.

English Daisy

These are regarded synonymous with innocence and are often mixed with primroses. These can be gifted on Mother’s Day or even to children.

Gerber Daisy

These are indicative of happiness and cheerfulness. They can be paired with Ferns which are symbolic of sincerity.