Lilacs - Early Emotions of Love

Lilacs or Syringa are considered delightful spring flowers. These flowers have several colors and types with different meanings for each. These flowers make for splendid anniversary gifts and have their origins in Greek mythology. Lilacs grow in the United States and seem to have originated from parts of Asia and Europe. Lilacs are often symbolic of love, confidence and innocence. Lilacs can be excellent gifts for lovers, young graduates or people who have landed their first jobs and also to cheer someone up.

Types of Lilacs -

White Lilacs

These lilacs are symbolic of innocence, humility and protection. They can be excellent emotions of love for your beloved. You can even propose with white lilacs.

Violet Lilacs

They are regarded as spiritual flowers and the darkest shades represent a sense of intrigue relating to finding spiritual meaning.

Blue Lilacs

These are excellent choices for gifting new or expectant mothers. They can be nice choices as congratulatory gifts as well.

Pink Lilacs

While they make for lovely gifts for children, this type is also symbolic of deep friendship and love. This makes it a nice gift for close friends as well.

Purple Lilacs

They can be anniversary gifts since these types are associated with one’s first love. They can be condolence flowers for remembering someone’s beloved as well.