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Birthday Cake for Girls & Boys

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Order Tempting Birthday Cake for Boys & Girls for their Next Party

Birthdays are special occasions in life and everyone, especially kids, waits for them all year long. And the element of surprise that matters to them the most is their birthday cake. So, if you are looking for cakes online that will have them jump with joy, FNP has done all the legwork for you. We offer a variety of yummy birthday cakes for boys and gifts in different flavours and quantities according to your preference. Choose birthday cakes in hundreds of flavours such as pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, mango, butterscotch and mixed fruit. Our delectable range of kids' cakes is not just a treat for their taste buds but also a delight for their eyes, making every occasion truly memorable. For your tiny tot, we provide the most delectable and excellent kids' cake design that you can order online at a time that is most convenient to you. In fact, whether you are looking for a well-suited 1st birthday cake or 10th birthday cake, we have all you need to surprise the little bundle of joy in your life. All you have to do is select your favourite flavour, shape and size and we promise to deliver it just the way you want. Along with the cake, you can also select gifts from a wide range of gifts for boys/girls available at our website to give as a return gift for your kid's birthday. So, think no more and order birthday cakes for girls & boys right away!

Explore Different Types of Flavourful Birthday Cake for Girls & Boys

Being the #1 bakery to order cakes online, we understand that the joy of celebration lies in every little detail, and that's why you will find a never-ending range of cake flavours here. In this section, get yourself acquainted with all the wonderful flavours of our kids’ birthday cakes that we offer:

Chocolate Cakes: All kids find a chocolate-flavoured cake drool-worthy. Isn't it? We know it is true and so, we came up with truffle walnut cakes, choco-chip cakes, chocolate truffle cakes, chocolate oreo cakes, dark chocolate cakes and more. You can even order unicorn chocolate cake designs for girls to make them jump with glee!

Butterscotch Cakes: When it comes to butterscotch, FNP has delicious cakes that come in various shapes. You can even get a two-tier butterscotch cake as birthday cakes for girls & boys and plan a sweet surprise.

Pineapple Cakes: The pineapple flavour is enjoyed by everyone. Order a rectangle-shaped pineapple kids cake design and get ready to receive a lot of hugs from your little bundle of joy.

Fruit Overload Cakes: Do you want the cake to be extremely delicious and healthy as well? Then go for our fruit cake. As it is adorned with fruits and will be the highlight of your kid's party.

Black Forest Cakes: Our Black forest cakes are made for your son's or daughter's birthday party as they are the right blend of fresh cream, chocolatey flavour and cherries. It’s an ideal birthday cakes for girls and boys alike.

Mango Cakes: We all know kids eagerly wait for the mango season to enjoy their favorite mango delights, so why not surprise them with a luscious mango cake? You can order a mango cake online at FNP to make your kiddo's special day more flavorful than ever.

Birthday Cakes for Boys:

When it comes to celebrating a young boy's birthday, the cake can be a centerpiece of excitement. Explore these thrilling boy birthday cake designs that will surely leave a lasting impression:

Car-Themed Cakes: For the little auto enthusiast, a cake shaped like a sleek sports car or a monster truck revs up the excitement. You can pair it well with similar gifts for boys such as personalised car-shaped tool kits.

Superhero Delights: Let your boy's favourite superhero come to life on his special day with a cake featuring iconic logos or action figures. Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Hulk - you name it and we will deliver it!

Sports Themed Cake: For those who love sports, we have cricket pitch cake and football cake etc. Such kind of birthday cakes for boys are a huge hit.

Designer Space Rocket Cake: Fuel his imagination with a cake that explores the cosmos, featuring rockets, planets, and astronauts. When you order one, you are sure to make him feel over the moon.

Bento Cakes: They are more than just desserts; they are an experience. From their stunning appearance to their delectable flavours, bento cakes are perfect for those intimate celebrations of your kiddo.

Birthday Cake Design for Girls:

For your little princess's birthday, we have prepared a range of enchanting cake designs for girls that will add a touch of magic to her special day. These themed birthday cakes are sure to make her day extra special, turning dreams into delicious reality.

Barbie Cake: Delight her with a Barbie-themed cake, featuring an edible Barbie doll dressed in a stunning gown. We are pretty sure that choosing our Barbie cake will be a great choice if you are looking for a super cute birthday cake for her.

Rainbow-Sprinkles: Transform her party into a fairy tale with a rainbow cake design adorned with sugar-paste turrets and a cute bow. She will fall in love with this dessert in an instant.

Unicorn Cakes: There is nothing more magical than a unicorn. Create a whimsical wonderland with a unicorn cake, featuring pastel colours and a majestic unicorn topper.

Cartoon Cakes: If you are in search of something more creative and interesting like cartoon cakes, there's an Angry Birds cake and Unicorn Pinata cake too at FNP that will be just perfect for their birthday party.

Cake Design Ideas for Boys and Girls

Best Design Birthday Cake for Girls Best Design Birthday Cake for Boys Birthday Cakes for Kids
Pink Pineapple Cream Cake for Girl Cute Panda Chocolate Cake for Boy Same Day Cake Delivery
My Cute Love Chocolate Cake for Girl Football Theme Chocolate Cake for Boy 2 Hours Delivery
Princess Theme Strawberry Cake for Girl Heavenly Choco Mud Cake for Boy Freshly Baked Cakes
Happy Emoji Pineapple Cake for Girl Cute Mickey Chocolate Cake for Boy Free Delivery
6 Layer Cute Elephant Chocolate Cake for Girls Sweet Tiger Design Cake for Boy Huge Discounts

With beautiful decorations, perfect shapes and bright colours, these birthday cake designs for girl are the perfect way to commemorate her special day. Ergo, go ahead - give your daughter an unforgettable celebration by ordering cakes for kids from FNP.

Experience Seamless and Intact Delivery of Birthday Cakes for Girls & Boys Anywhere You Want

Get ready to experience the convenience and delight of seamless and intact delivery of birthday cakes, specially designed for girls and boys, no matter where you are. For the ultimate surprise, we offer same-day delivery, making it possible to send a cake that matches the excitement of the moment. We have a midnight birthday cake delivery service too for surprising the tiny tots right when they are highly excited for the big day. You can also choose from 1-hour and fixed-time delivery services. We promise cake delivery within the stipulated time. Furthermore, at FNP, we understand that distance should never hinder your loved ones from enjoying a delicious birthday cake on their special day. That's why we offer a range of delivery options that work wonders in bringing smiles to the faces of children, regardless of their location. Our nationwide delivery service ensures that your chosen birthday cake reaches its destination, be it a princess-themed cake for your daughter or a superhero-themed cake for your son. So, whether you want to send a cake to your nephew in another city or surprise your daughter at her school, our delivery options are designed to create memorable moments that transcend distance. Ergo, think no more and plan your next birthday surprise with us. Shop now!