Orchids - Glorious femininity

Orchids are known as Orchidaceae and are often indicative of a supremely beautiful lady and elevated love. Orchids are symbolic of beauty that is highly exotic and also femininity. This is a perfect gift for Women's Day and they come in several colors which are linked to diverse emotions. Orchids are symbolic of beauty, love, charm, thoughtfulness, fertility and refinement. Orchids are also symbolic of new starts in life. They are often used in weddings as part of the decor theme.

Types of Orchid:

Yellow Orchids

The yellow orchids are often the most popular choices for use in bridal bouquets. The sunshine yellow hue is known for its inherent cheerfulness and these can also be excellent gifts for special friends.

Blue Orchids

These orchids are quite rare and will inform any recipient that he/she is a special person in your life. They are indicative of meditation and spirituality. Blue orchids will always have a calming influence on any recipient.

Purple Orchids

Purple orchids are indicative of pure admiration and respect. They are excellent gifting options for elders in the family. They are also popular for weddings since they also indicate immense love for a person.

Pink Orchids

Pink orchids are indicative of pure innocence and are ideal gifts for 28th and 14th wedding anniversaries.

Green Orchids

These are symbolic of blessings and good fortune. They are also indicative of longevity and good health.

Red Orchids

These orchids are indicative of true desire and passion along with courage and strength.

White Orchids

These orchids are indicative of humility, reverence, purity, elegance, innocence and beauty.