Daffodils - Wordsworth's favourite

Daffodils are also called Narcissus and are wonderful anniversary gifts, particularly when couples have crossed 10 years together. They are also symbolic of respect and are known for infusing good cheer and warmth into any home or setting. They were favorite choices for Romans and Greeks and they were famously the subject of a poem by William Wordsworth. Daffodils are also symbolic of friendship and can be lovely Friendship Day gifts. They are also synonymous with the season of spring. They are also called Lent Lily in England. These flowers can also be used to convey one’s greetings for making fresh starts and this makes them popular wedding flowers.

Types of Daffodils -

Trumpet/Long Cup

These are daffodils with prominent cups which are as long as the petals or even longer. They are big flowers and can be naturalized seamlessly. Some of their examples include Goblet, Yellow River, Mount Hood and Dutch Master among others.

Large Cup

These daffodils have large sized flowers and prominent, trumpet-esque cups which may possess smoother edges. The cups may have a different color as compared to the petals. Some examples include Professor Einstein, Ice Follies, Red Devon, Orange Progress and Pink Pride.

Small Cup

Small cup daffodils have smaller cups which are less than 1/3rd of the petal length. One blossom per stem is produced. Most varieties bloom a little later in the season and also possess a soothing fragrance. There are several popular kinds like Barrett Browning.