Poppies - Imagination and Eternal Sleep

Poppies are linked to the Greek God of Dreams Morpheus. These are ideal gifts for 9th wedding anniversaries. They are also indicative of imagination and this makes them ideal gifts for people who are creative. Poppies also make for splendid home decor flowers. They are also associated with a state of blissful sleep and calm on account of the opium which is extracted from them.

Poppies mean peace, liveliness in terms of one's imagination, consolation for any death/loss in one's family, messages through dreams, success and beauty, luxury and extravagance and remembrances for those who died in armed conflicts or wars. They are suitable for memorial services or funerals and also for encouraging better sleep and rest for family members who are recuperating. They are often left on tombs/graves of loved ones. Additionally, poppies are also indicative of love for a romantic interest/spouse.

Types of Poppies:

Red Poppies

These poppies are indicative of luck, particularly in Chinese mythology and they are also representative of abundant pleasure. They are neat additions to add warmth to any flower bouquet.

White Poppies

These flowers are symbolic of consolidation and purity and are usually gifted at memorials or funerals as signs of true respect and sorrow.

Yellow Poppies

Yellow poppies represent brightness, success and wealth. They are ideal for being gifted to relatives or best friends. Many believe that yellow poppies can relieve the pain experienced from love.

Purple/Blue/Pink Poppies

These colors are rare and are mostly linked to luxury, imagination and success above all else.