Our Team

  • Mr. Vikaas Gutgutia

    Founder & MD, FNP

    He brought to life an astonishing idea that transformed into a successful business venture. In 1994, Vikaas Gutgutia curated India’s premier brand of floral solutions- FNP. Pursuing a simple course of education in his native place, Vikaas always had a keen desire of making big in life. Creative in his thoughts and ambitious by nature, he began paving a career for himself. This maestro had a firm belief in his vision and has proved his mettle to the world as Founder of FNP. Read More..

    Twenty six years back, a first-generation businessman embarked his journey by providing bespoke and finest floral solutions. Successful execution of the idea is what separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs. Today, seen in almost every corner of every city, FNP has made a mark and has pioneered the concept of organized flower market in India. Not just for the retailing of flowers, gifts and cakes, but also to make moments special for loved ones, the first-in-India floral brand boasts of 400 outlets in 120 cities nationwide and delivers across 155 countries worldwide. This is the largest in flower delivery sector.

    Mr. Gutgutia over the period of time has been able to deep seat his baby project into twelve verticals namely; FNP Retail and Franchising, FNP E-commerce - India | UAE | Singapore, FNP Cakes ‘N’ More, FNP Weddings & Events, FNP Gardens, Floral Touch – UAE, Flowers ‘N’ More, FNP Flagship Store, Sipping Thoughts, Wedding Design Hub, FNP Media and FNP Water. With his persistent efforts and desire to create an exceptional brand, he brought a new edge to the flower gifting and wedding décor in the country. With a varied array of prestigious national and international awards to its credit, FNP has established a robust foothold globally

  • Ms. Meeta Gutgutia

    Director & Creative Head, FNP

    Meeta Gutgutia and Vikaas Gutgutia co-founded FNP in 1994. They have pioneered the concept of flowers, plants and gifting in the online space and have systematized the unorganized wedding marketplace. The company has become India’s largest floral chain and one of the best wedding solution providers in the country.

    Being the creative brain of FNP, Meeta has bagged many awards and accolades. Her aesthetic and design sensibility have made FNP - The Design Leader. Her approach to design is fresh and extremely vibrant with no set formulas, but at the same time exploratory. She believes business is about innovation. Her creative energies are extensively tested in rolling out new businesses, projects and for everything that requires new thinking. She rolled out the e-commerce, the luxury floral business and women centric programme. As an Advisory board member, Meeta provides valuable assistance to the company. Read More..

    Her baby project, Sipping Thoughts is a digital media brand which focuses on women centric programming and reaches to over 1 Million women monthly. Since its inception, SIPPING THOUGHTS has been working across platforms to create awareness about women centric issues. More information can be found on - www.sippingthoughts.com.

    An ardent believer of women empowerment, Meeta is also an active social worker with 3+ years of experience in different social aspects and issues. She is associated with some notable causes like menstrual hygiene, sponsoring education, and health aid for women & children, plantation drive and many other such causes. She believes in constantly doing well for the betterment of the society and actively comes up with projects where she can contribute to her maximum. Her interest in social issues evolved her as a humanitarian and thought leader which she expresses through ‘Sipping Thoughts’ platform and contributes to different social giving in her own capacity and time.

  • Mr. Pawan Gadia

    Global CEO and Director

    Born in the cultural capital of India, Pawan Gadia hails Kolkata’s immense creative energy. An under graduate from Kolkata University, the intellectual mind has altered the face of retail as well as online floral and gifting industry in India. He joined FNP in 2001 to create a robust business prospectus, today he has achieved an unparalleled leadership position in the floral retail segment in a span of 17 years! Changing the league of retail and e-commerce at FNP and capitalizing on innovation to transform the growth landscape, Mr. Pawan Gadia, the Chief Executive Officer- Retail & Online, perceives the role of his company as that of a pioneer in the retail business of the floral industry.Read More..

    In 2002, he started the e-commerce division and is responsible for managing its operations in India and abroad. Today www.fnp.com is the country’s leading online floral and gifting portal. When he joined in 2001, the brand had only 7 franchised outlets. In 2002, he strategized and incorporated the retail and franchising wing of the company. He formulated various franchise offerings by creating support mechanism to sustain and monitor the same.

    Today, FNP is the largest floral retail chain in the world having a staggering network of 386 outlets pan India. With 30 years of enriching work experience, he strongly believes in empowering his team to become efficient future CEOs and letting them take ownership of their work.

  • Mr. Anil Sharma

    COO, FNP Retail and Franchise

    “It is mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

    Mr. Anil Sharma has an experience of nearly 25 years and has been a part of FNP since 2004. From last 12 years, he is leading Retail and Franchise development of the company as Vice President. An analytical decision maker, he believes firmly in training & learning & innovation and is driven by the saying – “You rest, you rest” and “Change is the only constant”. Read More..

    Under his guidance, the brand has expanded his presence nationwide through 386 retail outlets of Flowers and Cakes in 120 cities. The company has also emerged as one of the ‘Delhi NCR’s 50 Hot Brands’ and has also bagged the ‘Business Leadership Award’.

    He holds Economics honors degree from Pune University which helped him with sharp vision and very calculative mind. Mr. Sharma actively strategizes the retail and franchise proposals and formulates the various franchise offerings, merchandising, procurement as well as distribution.

  • Mr. Manish Saini

    CEO, E-Commerce

    Mr. Manish joined FNP family in 2013, to take its success ahead of its own benchmarks. Mr. Manish comes with 16 years of rich experience in internet industry. He has got hands on experience in many domains including Rich Media, Interactive Content for Internet, Visual Design, Digital Marketing, Project Management, ecommerce technologies. He has worked for some of the reckoned names like Genesis Group (Satya Paul), LIQVID eLearning Services, and Prakriti Technologies (Orient group) in the past. Read More..

    For his valuable contribution, he also received the 'Great Mentor Award' from Genesis Group.

  • Devyani Kantawala

    Director, Business Development, FNP Weddings & Events

    Over the years, Ms Devyani Kantawala has created a stronghold in the Indian wedding industry with her fine understanding of décor. Holding an Advanced Floral Design Certificate, Ms Devyani has been associated with the company since 2014. Her key focus has always been Customer Relationship Management. She ensures client satisfaction with the nuanced and integrated approach. She has organised some of the most aesthetically pleasing weddings and events across the country. Read More..

    Her enthusiasm towards the work motivates the team under her to accomplish their goals effectively.

  • Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain

    Group CFO & COO- FNP Gardens

    Mr. Manoj Kumar is a competent finance professional with an analytical mind and extensive knowledge of the trade. With more than 19 years in this industry, understanding of financial intricacies is his forte. He directs the procedures of financial accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, banking and audits of the company. Mr. Kumar provides financial advice and support to colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. He is also actively involved in formulating strategic plans for the company.

  • Vasanth

    Vasanth Kamatgi

    CTO at FNP

    Vasanth Kamatgi is the (CTO) Chief Technology Officer at Ferns N Petals and has been spearheading Technology at FNP since 2015.

    He comes with a broad expertise in IT, enterprise architecture / infrastructure design, full project life cycle management, product development and cloud computing. Read More..

    With a powerful blend of technology-knowledge, vision, and business acumen, he has consistently enabled strong business growth via cost-effective, reliable, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications.

    He is a passionate technology executive - entrepreneurial spirited with executive-level experience donning CTO hat since 2006 in organizations of varied sizes – from a startup to a market leader and likes to call himself just a Software Engineer.

    Someone who has seen ecommerce technology at close quarters, especially, the gifting domain. A strong proponent of open-source technologies, he has been conceptualizing, building & maturing software products for the enterprise. He believes that technology should not only create USPs for the business, but also help realize its vision.

    Having worked in areas like Cryptography & Biometrics as early as 1998, he has penchant for the state-of-the-art, and has been driving teams to embrace bleeding edge technologies, like moving entirely to the cloud in early adoption. He lives and breathes enterprise systems that simplify business processes, while achieving strategic objectives.

  • Rajesh

    Rajesh Kumar

    CEO, Overseas

    Mr. Rajesh Kumar is the business head at FNP UAE. Joined in the year 2012, he heads business in UAE as well as helps the company in the expanding the operations to other countries

    An MBA graduate in Marketing & Finance, he comes with a deeper understanding of core values of Ferns & Petals and brings a 360-degree view of the e-commerce business for setting up the UAE business in the early 2015. Read More..

    During his tenure of 3 years in India, he contributed to multiple functional areas of Marketplace business, affiliate marketing, alliances, digital marketing, category management and international operations.

    His mantra for life is to “Everything is learnable”. Learning is the key to live life to the fullest.