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Online Plants Nursery

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Money Plant In Colourfull Rajwada Printed Pot Hand Delivery

"Amazing services from fnp. Pls keep it up

- Sameer lendy

Delivered At: ghaziabad

Occasion: birthday

Potted green leaf tulsi plant


- Aditi mishra

Delivered At: Ghaziabad


Money Plant Red Pot


- Kavita Pandey

Delivered At: Darjeeling

Occasion: birthday

Buy Plants Online for a Fresh Air

If you want to buy plants online from FNP it's an plant nursery, all you need to do is place the order with us and we will ensure that same day delivery of plant is made using our express delivery options. House plants generally include bamboo sticks, money plant, marenta, scufflera, jasmine, etc. Thinking from health front, these plants are conducive to good living in clear air. Outdoor plants can be various flowering plants like pothos, dracaena, coleus, rose, mussaenda, etc. which are to be watered daily for a lovely view of your garden. We are one of the renowned online plant nursery in India, catering to the different needs of the customers. We suggest buying online plants by placing order for plants online to save your precious time. Online shopping of plants are a noble idea to grace up your living area. You can also send indoor plants online in India to your friends and family and promote greenery. If you want to help your loved ones get an endearing green buddy, browse through our online nursery now.

Green Plants: The Gift Idea called Life

Green Plant online shopping is a growing sphere and we are the numerouno player here as we have initiated this concept. When it comes to gifting and surprising, we are the reliable service provider here. You can send plants to India using our impeccable delivery services. Gifting a plant is quite a deed as plants are living things to be nurtured just as we take care of our child. They give us oxygen which is why we should protect them. Place order for air purifying plants online, which would give you fresh air and also deck up the whole house with its life. You can buy plants online and deliver it to your friend’s place with ease. Nowadays purchasing plants online is very simple and interesting in single place we can explore numerous plant. There are various options for indoor plants explained below: Bonsai plants are gifted with a deep meaning. Some traditions say that bonsai never dies which if thought deeply complements the fact that our soul never dies. So gifting bonsai plants online surely confers that life is to be preserved with care. Bamboo plants online are an awesome gift to be presented to your dear friends as it refers to happiness, long life, and Money Plant refers for wealth and prosperity.

Buy Plants Online from FNP & Enjoy Delivery at Lightning-Fast Speed

When you are planning to buy plants online, you want to be sure that your order will be delivered quickly and safely. That's where FNP comes in! We offer rapid and swift delivery services to ensure that your plants arrive at your doorstep in the most appropriate condition. Our delivery services include same-day delivery, which is perfect for those last-minute surprises. We also offer express delivery, which ensures that your plants will arrive within a specific time frame. For those who like to plan ahead, we offer standard delivery, which is perfect for larger orders or when you're not in a rush. Then there is midnight delivery of plants for home too that will ring your dear one’s doorbell right when the clock strikes twelve at midnight. All in all, whether you want to send a single plant, combos, self-watering pots or simply the whole garden anywhere across the world, we've got you covered. Also, our delivery team is trained to handle plants with care, so you can be sure that their green buddies will be treated with the respect they deserve, no matter the delivery option or location you choose. Ergo, browse our selection of plants today and place your order now.

Grow Love and Nurture the Bonds by Ordering Plants Online for Raksha Bandhan

This Raksha Bandhan, express your love and care with a unique and thoughtful gift i.e. rakhi with plants. Embrace the essence of nature and strengthen the bond with your sibling by ordering plants online for Raksha Bandhan. While rakhis represent protection, gifting a plant signifies nurturing and growth, making it a perfect token of love. Choose from a delightful assortment of indoor plants, lush green succulents or vibrant flowering plants that will add a touch of greenery and positivity to your sibling's life. With just a few clicks, you can order thoughtful rakhi gifts for brother/sister that will remind them of your love and the special bond you share, every time they water or tend to the plant. So, think no more and make this Raksha Bandhan truly exceptional with a present that brings nature's beauty and joy into their world. Shop plants as rakhi gifts now!

Spread Positivity, Greenery and Beauty with Special Lucky Plant

It is a common gifting trend that a large number people are opting for green plants as gifts for their loved ones instead of traditional chocolates and other gifts. This is because green garden plants are known to improve the air quality as well as the internal home decor. If you want to offer good luck and health to your special ones, you need to select the desired house plants like Money Plant, Bonsai, Bamboo Plant, Holy Tulsi, and many from our vast collection of home plants.

These plants are a perfect idea of gifting that can assure the healthy, blossoming and flourishing love for your near and dear ones. You can place them anywhere in your home be it a balcony, terrace, corners, courtyard and any other desired place in your home. Give a new look to the internal surroundings of your home from these plants for home and maintain the positive aura with the help of these household plants.You can also shop for this plant as rakhi gifts for sister or Diwali gifts for your employees to extend your well-wishes.

You can also send artificial plants online to brighten up your living area in an effortless manner. The amazing benefits of these artificial plants are that you don’t have to water them on a daily basis and can still create a positive aura and ambience around your home. To meet the ever increasing demand of its customers, the online portal brings to you a wide variety of artificial plants online in India and abroad in a smooth manner. Continue with your online plant shopping to cheer up your favourite people.

FNP: The Best Online Plant Shop in India

We have almost webbed the whole world in gifting flowers and cakes. You can send plants to Delhi Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any other destination with a click of the mouse. Plants online shopping have also taken a boost and we have succeeded in promoting greenery in people’s lives. We have a worldwide delivery for most of the mentioned items and our same-day delivery is a unique idea to keep the folks happy. FNP also serves express delivery, where the gift would reach the destination in just 2 hours. We pride ourselves in being the best online plant shop and are more than happy to serve humanity for a noble cause. You can order plants online to India or any other international destination with absolute ease.

Buy the Best Plants Online only at FNP

Are you still looking to buy plants online? If so, we have curated a list of all the best-selling plants on our site that have made countless people jump in excitement. So, to make sure your loved ones are impressed with your gifts, you should check out our plant's list.

Grand 5 House Plant Set - As the name suggests, this is a set of five plants that will make your friend’s home beautiful. It is the perfect set of jade, money, bamboo, pothos and snake plants that beautify every corner. Thus, giving you a green den that'll help you calm down and relax any time of the day.

Ficus Bonsai Plant - Bonsais are known to be very good and helpful plants. So, whether you buy this one for your home or office, it will light up the place instantly. So, head to our online plant nursery to get ficus bonsais that will enliven your room.

Ficus Compacta Plant in King Queen Pot - Do you want to take your room decor to another level? If so, the ficus compacta is a great plant with lush foliage that always makes you smile. Add a king and queen pot to this set, and you have an adorable Valentine’s or anniversary gift for your significant other.

Jade Plant Green Flower Enamle Printed Pot with Stand - Ending this list with one of the best plants online jade. Apart from being an easy-to-care plant, the planter will add a lot of colour to any dull corner. So, you can keep the jade plant in a green flower enamle printed pot with a stand on your work desk, bathroom or living room.

Surprise Your Siblings with Plants Online at FNP.com

No time to decide on a Rakhi gift for your siblings? No worries! With FNP’s extensive array of online gifts, celebrate the joyous festival of Rakhi with a twist of greenery and delightful surprises. This Raksha Bandhan, let’s go beyond the usual and gift your sibling something unique. Our online plant nursery showcases a diverse array of green beauties, perfect for finding a thoughtful gift that grows alongside your cherished relationship with siblings. Imagine the smile on their face when they receive a Rakhi with plant—a perfect blend of tradition and nature that symbolises your growing bond. Whether you're near or far, trust FNP.com for swift delivery and impeccable quality, ensuring every moment of Raksha Bandhan radiates love and protection. Explore our verdant offerings today and infuse your festivities with the freshness of Plants Online and the heartfelt charm of Rakhi combos, making this occasion a cherished memory for years to come.

Pass the Nature with Love - Plants for Gifts

Gifting a piece of nature is a symbol of growth, life, and nurturing relationships. So, it’s time to go beyond conventional gifting with Plants because plants encapsulate a profound gesture of care and thoughtfulness. With FNP, leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Whether it’s a beautiful flowering plant enlivening the space or a lush green succulent symbolising resilience,
each plant carries a unique message. Moreover, indoor plants help keep the air of the indoor environment clean, promoting overall well-being. Choose from a diverse range of plants for gift, including Jade, Bonsai, Syngonium, Spider Plant, and more. Brighten up your loved one’s day with a green bloom from FNP. Place your order today!

Reasons Why You Should Gift Plant

Whether you want to extend gratitude or gift someone something thoughtful. Plants are perfect gifts, reflecting your thoughtfulness in selecting a green bloom as a token of love and appreciation. Also, plants come with several benefits. Know the reasons why you should choose plants for gift below:

Plants symbolise growth and new beginnings, making them a perfect gifting option for celebrating milestones.

Plants contribute to a healthier environment, purifying air, reducing stress, and increasing concentration.

Plants are long-lasting compared to traditional gifts, serving as a constant reminder of the giver's thoughtfulness.

Plants come in a variety of types and sizes, suitable for any occasion from birthdays to weddings, ensuring there's always a perfect plant to match the recipient's personality.

Best Plants for Gifting with FNP

There are an array of indoor plants for gifting and making your loved ones’ celebration special and memorable. With FNP’s delightful selection of plants, find the perfect for gifting, each carrying its unique symbolism and charm. We have enlisted a few of the best plants for gift below:

Money Plant

The money plant, a lush green indoor plant, symbolises prosperity and good luck. It’s a perfect gifting option for housewarming, birthdays, or any occasion where wishes for financial success and abundance are welcomed.

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant featuring thick, fleshy leaves, is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. It’s a popular plants gift for business openings or as a gesture of well-wishing to friends and family, embarking on a new journey as it is known for attracting positive energy.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo represents good luck, prosperity, and longevity in Chinese culture. Like the Jade Plant, it is also known for bringing positive energy to homes or workplaces.
Haworthia Plant: Also known as Zebra Cactus, Haworthia is an excellent gift for plant enthusiasts. It can thrive in various environments with minimal care, making it suitable for anyone looking to add a touch of green to their space effortlessly.

Occasions that are Perfect for Gifting a Plant

Plants are the perfect and meaningful gifts, suitable for all occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or special occasion such as Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, plants serve as a symbol of love, appreciation, growth, and prosperity for the recipient. Add a touch of greenery to every special occasion and moment with a diverse range of lush green indoor plants from FNP. Consider gifting Jade, Peace Lily, Lucky Bamboo, Syngonium, Money Plant, and other beautiful varieties. Wish ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Work Anniversary’, Rakhi gifts for brother or extend congratulations on the Graduation day with plants gift. Nurture your most beloved relationships with plants. Place your order today!

Plants Online in an affordable range with FNP Vouchers

We all read it in childhood that plant is our life as we derive oxygen from it. But how many of you are thinking to gift a plant to your loved ones? This is one of the noblest of all gifts and with plant offers in FNP, you can get the beneficial plants at an affordable rate. So, for example, did your friend purchase a new home with their hard-earned money? Order plants for home today to send as housewarming gifts. With plant as a gift, you would make the place of the gift receiver a better one. Because plants promote a healthy mind and body. We have some amazing lucky bamboo plants in our stock which enhances the quality of life. For a harmonious and peaceful life, you can place an order for this constructive plant by availing the current FNP voucher codes.

FAQs related to Online Plants Nursery

Q1. What type of plants are called low maintenance plants?

Ans. Plants that can withstand the season change, require little to no watering, have a natural resistance to diseases, don’t grow aggressively and look good in all seasons are called low maintenance plants. Aloe Vera, Snake plant and Jade plant are some of the low maintenance plants.

Q2. Is it a good option to choose a gift like a plant?

Ans. Choosing a gift like a plant is considered quite thoughtful. It cleans the air, provides a relaxing atmosphere and is healthy to have around. It is a gift to cherish for years to come.

Q3. Will plants be delivered with a planter?

Ans. The plants that are available on our website come with colourful pots and planters.

Q4. What types of plants can be placed in the home?

Ans. You don’t need a huge garden or terrace space to add a bold green statement to your home. All you need is a little space and some green babies to rock your area. Lucky bamboo plant, Spider plant, Tulsi and Ferns are the popular types of plants placed at home.

Q5. How often do plants need to be watered when placed indoors or at home?

Ans. The amount of water varies depending on the plant and the type of soil. Most indoor plants need water every 1 -3 weeks. Rest, pour water only when the soil is dry.

Q6. What types of delivery options are available for plants?

Ans. We provide same-day, fixed time and even mid night delivery for plants.

Q7. Is the same day plant delivery option available?

Ans. Yes. We offer same-day plant delivery via our express delivery option.

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