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Bamboo Plants Online

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Square Vase 2 Layer Bamboo Plants


- Sri Lakshmi Manikonda

Delivered At: Bangalore


Lucky Bambo & Baby Buddhas Set Online


- Prashant Gupta

Delivered At: ghaziabad

Occasion: anniversary

Lucky Bamboo Bombay Blue Sapphire Bottle Planter

"All of above were the best

- Dixit Bhojak

Delivered At: Pune

Occasion: birthday

Send Lucky Bamboo Plants with FNP to any Destination

Want to bring in good luck to your friend’s family or to your colleague’s life? Shop for our online bamboo plants. These plants have been kept under proper condition to ensure that none of the plants dry down. If you are looking for a gift that best suits corporate gifting, you can buy indoor/outdoor bamboo plant online, which will come as an instant delight for many. If you are pressed for time because of your hectic schedule, you can send bamboo plants online with a click of the mouse to any preferred location of your choice. You can send bamboo plant online India and international destination as a good luck gift also.

With the festive season on, you often plant to accessorize your home. Let this festive season be adorned with the green vibe. Buy plants online for home and accessorize you living space with these online lucky bamboo plants. If you are looking for a particular style of lucky bamboo, tree bamboo, bamboo shoots, clumping bamboo, you can shop for it online. Our portal showcases myriad options of indoor plants online too. The plants are of superior quality which is why people prefer to shop from us.

Lucky Bamboo Types - FNP

Spiral Bamboo It is a specially grown variety of lucky bamboo and has the botanical name of Dracaena sanderiana. It is very easy to grow and is considered as a symbol of luck or money by the people. It does not acquire the spiral shape naturally and it is a time consuming process.
2 Layer Bamboo The lucky bamboo is said to improve Feng Shui and creates a safe and energized environment. The lucky bamboo towers help in directing the Feng Shui and can light up your future. It can easily grow without the soil in the few inches of water.
3 Layer Bamboo Lucky Bamboo plants are the perfect gift item for any occasion and stand for wealth, happiness and longevity. It is believed that bamboo attracts the auspicious chi energy. Further, the number of stalks determines the kind of energy which the plant can bring to your home.
Feng Shui Bamboo The bamboo plant is the most popular cures for Feng Shui related problems in home or office. The plant teaches the owner to be flexible and hollow on the inside for the hassle free flowing of the spirit and healing.
Curly Bamboo It is one of the species of Dracaena and is a native of the Southeast Asia and west tropical Africa. The Curly bamboo plant can be easily grown in a simple dish of water with the minimum requirement of frequent water changes and proper lighting conditions.
Clumping Bamboo The plant grows in the big clump of grass that grows upwards. This bamboo variety is best recommended in the situations where you have a well behaved bamboo stand in your garden which can allow easy spreading of the plant.
Twisted Bamboo This bamboo variety does not require direct sunlight and grows well in water and filtered shade. It needs to be provided with a temperature below 40 degrees to ensure its proper growth and development.

Shopping Lucky Bamboo Plants has become Easier with the Online Portal

Our plants are sourced from the best nursery across the world. You can pick your favorite plant as we are one of the best online plant nursery in India to meet your ever increasing demand of plants and other plant related needs. All these plants are neatly packaged to ensure that they don’t get rotten on the way. We give you the opportunity to send plants online in India to express your strong affection.

Most of the people have this difficulty of keeping proper care of plants because of which most of the plants die. But these small & large bamboo plants require minimum care and can be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. Moreover, all the plants that are available with us can be delivered to you in budget friendly prices too. Hence, it is a great way to please your friends, family and loved ones. Therefore, place the order of lucky bamboo plant online with us and you can be rest assured that the plants will be delivered to you without any delay. You can  buy plants online in Bangalore or any other destination with our custom delivery options.

If you want the plants to be delivered to your loved ones the same day, you can send plants online with our express delivery options. FNP, is an online portal which allows you to buy bamboo plants online India and get them delivered in the most pristine conditions. The portal has been serving its customers for more than 20 years which is why it has been easier for the customer to shop and deliver gifts for them. The portal has also worked on the logistics which allows them to send plants to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi & 350 + cities quite easily.

Why Buy Lucky Bamboo Plant Online from FNP?

When you buy lucky bamboo online, you want them to be lush and healthy, which is why we provide the best quality and delivery services. But if you are wondering why FNP, then check out the USPs we have mentioned below-

Most Trustworthy Brand : Being an international gifting company, FNP is one of the most famous and trusted brands in India. From quality products to efficient delivery services, we provide everything in every corner of India.

Premium Quality : At FNP, you will always find plants that are fresh and lush green. Furthermore, our plants are beautifully placed in top-notch quality planters that are made of durable materials like ceramic, metal, and more.

Responsive Customer Service : If you buy lucky bamboo online and face any sort of issue with the product, then we are more than happy to help you. All you have to do is call our customer care number +91 9212422000 and our highly trained team sets out to resolve every problem to your satisfaction.

Efficient Delivery Services : It is one thing to keep the plants fresh at the nursery and another to deliver them to the customer’s doorstep. This is why we offer services that ensure the freshness and quality of your lucky bamboo. From our platform, you can get your selected plants delivered at different time slots like standard, fixed time and midnight in all parts of the country.

Buy Lucky Bamboo Plant At the Best Prices Only By FNP

Enhance the positive energy and charm of your living or workspace with Lucky Bamboo plants, available at unbeatable prices exclusively from FNP. Our extensive collection of Lucky Bamboo plants in various planters, including brass, bottles, and mugs, allows you to bring luck and greenery into your surroundings in style. Lucky Bamboo plant is not just a beautiful ornamental plant; it holds deep-rooted significance in Feng Shui and is believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and positive energy. This plant's unique ability to thrive in water or soil with minimal care makes it an ideal choice for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and beginners alike. At FNP, we take pride in offering premium quality Lucky Bamboo plants that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also spiritually enriching. Whether you want to adorn your living room, or office desk, or gift it to a loved one, our diverse range of planters and arrangements ensures you find the perfect match for your needs. So, experience the timeless allure and auspicious symbolism of Lucky Bamboo with us. Order your Lucky Bamboo today and invite luck and positivity into your life with every graceful stalk.

Make all your Celebrations Memorable by Ordering Bamboo Trees via FNP

Nowadays, a gift is appreciated on the basis of the emotions that it conveys to the receiver. While most of the gifts are able to express joy and happiness to the celebrant, there are only a few that can show love and care. Thus, if you want to tell someone that they mean the world to you, then FNP has a great collection of bamboo trees that will help you in doing so. Plants like lucky bamboo increase the levels of oxygen in indoor spaces and are considered lucky. So, if you will order these greens for your friends or family members on housewarming parties, baby showers, anniversaries or birthdays, they will definitely appreciate your caring gesture and bamboo plants as gifts. You can also buy our lucky bamboo plants to extend your greetings on occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year and more. Furthermore, if you are wondering about the size or the pot design of the plant, then worry not, you will find our indoor bamboo plant in a variety of sizes. From mid-sized glass vases to big ceramic pots and small printed mugs, we have created a wide range from which you can choose bamboo plants for all your occasions. Therefore, wait no more and make occasions memorable for your near and dear ones by ordering creative bamboo plants via FNP.

Order Lucky Bamboo to Gift Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

When you send a lucky bamboo to your partner on Valentine’s Day, it will qualify as a thoughtful gesture. The collection of lucky bamboo plants at FNP will help you bring good luck to your partner’s life. You will come across different types of lucky bamboo plants, including two-layered and three-layered ones. While searching for Valentine plants online on FNP, you will also come across various exquisite combos made up of lucky bamboo plants. For instance, you can send a Two Layer Bamboo Plant and Dairy Milk Combo. Maybe send a Bamboo Plant & Cadbury Celebrations Box to strengthen your connection with your partner. Apart from chocolates, you can also send cakes with lucky bamboo for Valentine’s Day. You can also order Truffle Cake N Three Layer Bamboo to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner or spouse. Additionally, our lucky bamboo plants are also available in aesthetic tubs. From yellow to white, you will be able to pick between different colours of tubs. Apart from that, you will also come across lucky bamboo in bottle planters. You will also be able to buy lucky bamboo for your love interest in personalised mugs. So, think no more and browse through our collection to send lucky bamboo to your bae this Valentine’s Day.

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