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Buy Low-Maintenance Snake Plants Online At FNP

The snake plant is a common household plant that can survive even in the most unsuitable growing conditions. It is commonly known as mother in law’s tongue because of its sword-like foliage design. The snake plant is also considered a top air-purifying plant that absorbs toxins through the leaves. It is one of the best plants to filter out formaldehyde found in cleaning products, tissues, personal care products, and toilet paper. It is also known to release moisture in the air and lessen airborne allergies. The snake plant care tips include low light conditions and not so frequent watering sessions. This beautiful and healthy plant make excellent gifts for people who have a green thumb and loves gardening in free time. FNP presents a wide variety of snake plants online with attractive planters. They make a perfect addition to any indoor garden setting. You can order snake plants from our website and send to your loved ones on birthday, anniversary and housewarming occasions as a token of greenery. They can be combined with cakes, chocolates, sweets, hampers, and personalised gifts to create thoughtful gift combos for special occasions.

Growth Essentials

The Sansevieria like, every other plant, requires certain essentials that are crucial for its proper growth. These essentials constitute of the following:

Fertilizer- The snake plant has to be fed with a balanced houseplant fertilizer. Do it every month from late spring till the fall season. Avoid fertilization during winters.
Re-potting- After a while, all plants outgrow their pot. Thus, you need to re-pot the snake plant every 2-3 years.
Propagation- The simplest method of Sansevieria propagation is to divide it in half. Use a sharp knife to cut at the plant's main rhizome through the root and replant the halves.Another way to propagate is via leaf-cutting.

Common Problems with snake plants

Before you buy snake plants, take a look at the solutions to the below-mentioned common problems.

How to mix soil for snake plants?

The snake plant needs a good quality potting mix containing ingredients like perlite, vermiculite and sand. These nutrients will ensure its growth. You can also use organic soil since they have zero pesticides and chemicals. Make sure you have well-drained soil to avoid any root rot.

How much water do snake plants need?

Now that you have bought a beautiful snake plant online, it is time to look into its care instructions. Do not water your snake plant on a routinized basis as it will lead to root rot.
Water your plant only when the soil gets completely dry in between two watering cycles or every other week.

Do snake plants need sunlight?

Do most of your plants die due to a lack of direct sunlight? Hop onto our portal to explore easy to care indoor plants for low sunlight and water requirements such as Sansevieria. This plant prefers bright but indirect sunlight to grow. It is called a hardy due to its tolerance for low as well as hard light. Position the snake plant on a window sill, or bright corners of your home.

How do I know if my snake plant is healthy?

  • The leaves should be stiff and upright. If drooping, there is root rot.
  • The colour of the leaves should be dark green.
  • New growth of light green baby leaves
  • The leaves must be plum, fleshy and wrinkle-free

Interesting Facts about Snake Plants:

If you wish to buy plants online, explore our website for the most beautiful snake plants. We have mentioned below a few interesting facts about Sansevieria.

  • It is one of the most tolerant and low maintenance plants
  • It is also known as mother-in-law's tongue due to the sharp leaves
  • If let unwatered for days, the plant will easily survive
  • NASA in 1989 issued a report saying the snake plant enhances indoor air quality
  • It is a natural air purifier as it removes harmful toxins from the air
  • Unlike other plants, this one does not cause any allergies to hypersensitive people
  • According to Feng Shui, this plant brings positive energies when kept in particular corners of the house.
  • The plant is famous for its gorgeous foliage
  • They instantly beautify every room
  • It can be placed in the corners of homes, on study tables or office desks

Care Tips for Snake Plant Online

To keep your snake plant healthy, follow these guidelines:

  • Snake plants are easy to care for. They can withstand full sun & handle low light. The indirect sunlight is ideal for a snake plant
  • Let the soil of snake plant dry between two watering sessions. Too much water can kill the plant. During winter, reduce watering to once in a month, or when the soil is dry to touch
  • It prefers warmer temperatures and most likely to suffer if exposed to temperature below 10 degree celsius
  • It prefers a loose, well-drained potting mix. Do well in sandier soils.
  • Feeding it with a mild cactus fertiliser during the growing season is a good option. Do not fertilise in the winter.


Send Snake Plants to Your loved Ones through FNP

Plants are considered the best gifts to wish someone love, joy, and positivity in life. The plants not only add greenery to homes and gardens but also enhances their beauty and fill them with positive and relaxing vibes. Snake plant is one of the low-maintenance, air-purifying plants that grow equally well on the floor or table-top displays. It purifies the air by removing toxins from it. If you have been thinking to buy plants online for your home or to gift your friends & loved ones, then your search ends at FNP. Apart from the snake plant, we offer online a variety of indoor plants, outdoor plants, medicinal plants, air-purifying plants, money plants, lucky bamboo and much more. You can choose the plants online and send for your loved ones across India & 70+ countries with our same-day, next-day and express delivery services. The surprise delivery of fresh & green plants will brighten their day and make their special moment even more memorable. The gorgeous plants will not only add greenery to their homes but also fill them with happy & positive vibes.

FAQs related to Snake Plants

How long do Snake Plants live?

Snake plants can live for several years to decades with proper care. A healthy snake plant can live up to 20 years or even longer. Furthermore, the lifespan of the snake plants depends upon several factors such as light, water and the quality of the soil. When you order snake plants online from FNP, you will also receive a care guide that will make you more familiar with the plant.

Is the snake plant a cactus?

Though snake plants share similar characteristics to cacti such as water storage capabilities and tolerance to drought, they aren’t the same. However, they both are considered succulent plants.

Is it good to keep snake plant at home?

Yes, snake plants are great indoor plants that can improve air quality by removing toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. They are highly easy to care for, require low light and can even withstand neglect. In fact, in feng shui, snake plants are believed to bring good luck and positive energy.

Do snake plants need sunlight?

Yes, snake plants require some sunlight to thrive, but they can also survive in low-light conditions. In fact, truth be told, snake plants can adapt to different light levels, making them ideal for indoor environments.

How often should I water snake plant?

Snake plants are drought-tolerant and thus, do not require frequent watering. Watering once every two to three weeks is sufficient, depending on the humidity and temperature of the environment.

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