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Online Jade Plant In Gold Tone Metal Pot

"Everything was good

- chandraprakash sharma

Delivered At: bangalore

Occasion: birthday

Send Jade And Syngonium Plant Terrarium Set

"The product was in great condition and the delivery on time. The delivery person was very professional.

- Drishti Misra

Delivered At: bangalore


Gift of Fresh Air With Chamaedorea Plant

"It was indeed delivered at express speed. Thank you ferns and petals!!

- Sangeetha -

Delivered At: bangalore

Occasion: house-warming

Buy Beautiful Plants Online in Bengaluru from FNP

Plants are the best ways to bring nature to home. They enhance the overall look of your space and fill the garden with vibrant colours. Also, plants filter the air we breathe and remove toxic chemicals present in the atmosphere. Keeping indoor plants add a focal point to the home and spread positivity around. Decorating the house with plants helps keep diseases at bay, reduces stress, and have a positive effect on health. If you are thinking to buy plants online in Bangalore, then your search ends at FNP. FNP is a popular online gift website that offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor plants. Plants are excellent home decor items that also make perfect gifts for every occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, housewarming occasion, Diwali, Christmas, Mother's Day, Women's Day, Raksha Bandhan, etc.

Order Different Types of Plants in Bengaluru through FNP

FNP is a popular online plant store in Bengaluru that offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Know about various types of plants available on our portal.

Bonsai Trees- Bonsai is an ancient Chinese horticulture practice to create a miniaturized but realistic representation of nature in the form of a tree. Ginseng Bonsai, Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai, Pachira Bonsai, Ficus Bonsai, Nolina Bonsai, Boxwood Bonsai, Carmona Bonsai, and Bougainvillea Bonsai are some of the famous Bonsai plants that you can order from our website.

Air Purifier Plants- Air-purifying plants purify the air we breathe and filter harmful toxins. These plants are known to create a soothing environment, that's why they are kept widely at homes and offices. Peace Lily, Areca Palm, Rubber plant, Syngonium pant, Money plant, Song of India, Sansevieria, and Jade plant are some of the famous air-purifying plants on our website.

Flowering Plants- Flowering plants are known to produce beautiful flowers that are widely used for home decor. Hibiscus, Moon Cactus, Desert Rose Adenium, Jasmine plant, and Peace Lily are some of the popular flowering plants that you can order from our website.

Lucky Bamboo- Lucky Bamboo is known to bring name, fame, prosperity, and happiness in the lives of people. The significance of lucky bamboo depends upon the number of stalks. They are perfect for gifting your loved ones on special occasions and wish them joy and prosperity in life.

Cactus & Succulents- Cactus is a group of fleshy plants that comes under succulents. Succulents are the plants that can retain water in stems, roots, and leaves. They are low-maintenance plants, perfect for home decor.

Spiritual Plants- Spiritual plants are considered sacred because of the spirits that dwell within themselves. They are known to heal the mind and body and provide for spiritual awakening. Lucky bamboo, money plant, and pachira bonsai are some of the spiritual plants on our website.

Herbal/Medicinal Plants- Medicinal plants, also known as herbal plants are known for their medicinal purposes. They are often used in food, medicine and perfumes. The medicinal plants are also used in several spiritual activities. Tulsi, aeralia plant and aloe vera are some of the widely grown medicinal plants that you can order from our website.

Send Plants to Your Loved Ones in Bengaluru on Special Occasions

Are you in search of outdoor and indoor plants in Bangalore for your loved ones? FNP is a popular online plant store in Bengaluru that offers a varied range of plants and delivers them across Bengaluru. Ranging from the indoor plants to outdoor plants, terrariums to dish gardens, and flowering plants to foliage plants, you can order different types of plants from our website for gifting purpose. If your sister has just completed her graduation, you can congratulate her with good luck plants like lucky bamboo or money plant. Similarly, if your colleague has bought a new house, you can wish him or her with lovely housewarming plants like peace lily, syngonium, aloe vera, and Song of India. After placing the order for plants online in Bangalore, you can send them to your loved ones with our same-day, next-day, and express delivery services. The green beauties will help them decorate their abode tastefully. You can also pair gorgeous plants with other gifts like chocolates, cakes, hampers, and personalised gifts to enhance the joy of gifting.

Send Your Beloved Lovely Plants as Valentine's Day Gifts in Bengaluru

With Valentine's Day around the corner, it is a big opportunity for you to show your partner how much you adore and care for them. The sweet and romantic Valentine's Day gifts are great ways to express your feelings for your beloved in an impressive manner and melt their hearts right away. FNP offers a wide array of Valentines gifts online that will help you find suitable gifts for your partner based on their preferences. Ranging from cakes, flowers, personalised gifts, chocolates to soft toys, there are ample gifts ideas on our website that will bring your partner happiness galore on V-Day. When you intend to send Valentine gifts to Bengaluru, you should also think about indoor plants. They will be able to keep the plants on their office desk or bedside table. We have an exclusive range of Valentine's plants as well including lucky bamboo, money plant, hoya plant, bonsai plant, rose plant, etc. As we all know plants are the source of oxygen, which is the basis of life. You can send your beloved plants on Valentine's Day as the gift on life and greenery. The beautiful plants will not only enhance the charm of their abode but also bring them good luck, prosperity, and happiness.

Order Online Plants in Bangalore and Get them Delivered in a Jiffy

If you are concerned about the well-being of your loved ones in Bangalore, you should send them green plants as gifts. The collection of indoor plants from FNP can help purify the air around your dear ones. Moreover, sending online plants to Bangalore will also help relieve the stress of your favourite people. Thanks to FNP, you can now avail fast delivery of indoor plants that will cheer up the mood of the special people in your life. Whether you want a money plant or lucky bamboo, we offer same-day delivery on the plant of your choice. We also have a midnight delivery service. So when it’s a special occasion, you can choose our plant delivery in Bangalore to send gifts in the middle of the night & give them a memory of a lifetime. Apart from that, you can also choose our fixed-time delivery. You will pick a time slot, and our agents will ring the bell at that time. Moreover, you can also get 3-hour delivery or in a few hours delivery and shop easily even at the eleventh hour. So, check out all our plants and order your favourite today!

Buy plants Online in Bangalore

We provide a wide collection of natural plants and accessories in Bangalore. Buy plants from Bengaluru which has a huge collection of Aquatic plants, Annual flowering plants, Aromatic Plants, cactus, Ferns, Landscape plants, Indoor plants, Bamboo and many more. The best part of Bengaluru is its weather which allows a lot of exotic plants to thrive.

Such exquisite gifts to Bengaluru are becoming more and more popular with rising trend of online gifting capability. We also offer lucky bamboo gifts which is a Feng Shui item that is expected to bring happiness and prosperity in the person's life. Sending gifts to people used to be a worrisome task earlier. Now, with the perks in our portal, not only is selecting the gift a snap, but also shipping and delivery. Whether you want plants for Valentine's Day or Mother’s Day, we will deliver them in the best condition in no time.

The importance of plants is known to all and in this environmentally challenging time, it has become important to plant more. So, FNP is offering you lucrative plants offer. Using our latest offers, you can avail of a discount of up to 15%. In some plants, you can enjoy a flat Rs. 400 off also. So, for any special occasion, you can simply shop for plants online and greet your loved ones. But these offers and discount rates keep on changing on a timely basis and one needs to check the current offers before placing an order.