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Indoor Plants for Home

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Milt Sansevieria Plant Oval Jar

"Everything is to be appreciated product quality, packaging and the website is easy to order and pay too. Thank you.

- Shanthi Ulhas

Delivered At: mumbai

Occasion: birthday

Birthday Special Syngonium Plants

"Very good ,and maintaining schedule delivery time.

- sukthankarprafulla

Delivered At: Mumbai

Occasion: birthday

Peace Lily Plant In White Aesthetic Pot

"Delivery was good

- Ayushi Jain

Delivered At: gurgaon


Order Indoor Plants Online for a Greener and Better Space

With the craze for eco-friendly gifts growing each day, green plants are a top choice. You can order indoor plants for loved ones and surprise them on special occasions. Your loved ones will be able to keep the indoor plants in any corner of their room or on their office desk. These beautiful green buddies will transform all spaces into a greener and healthier hub. You will discover an exquisite collection on our online website of decorative plants with symbolic meanings. For instance, you can get the Money Plant Terrarium for Birthday and send the birthday girl or boy good wishes for their special day. The money plant will ensure that the recipient attracts wealth, prosperity and success. You can also order indoor plants for home with air-purifying properties to promote the well-being of your loved ones. We also have a Holy Tulsi Plant in our collection with its medicinal properties and religious aspects. Additionally, you can order some gorgeous flowering plants to cheer up your favourite people on special occasions. So, browse through our collection and order beautiful green plants for your dear ones.

Know the Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are not just green adornments for your home; they're nature's little companions that bring a plethora of benefits beyond aesthetics. These leafy roommates provide an infusion of life into your living space. First and foremost, they purify the air, acting as nature's air filters, absorbing pollutants and emitting fresh oxygen. Bringing them into your home results in improved indoor air quality that promotes better respiratory health and enhanced concentration. Beyond health, indoor plants are mood lifters. Their vibrant colours and gentle presence have a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, they're incredible room humidifiers, maintaining an ideal level of humidity that soothes dry skin and keeps respiratory problems at bay. Additionally, caring for indoor plants can also be a therapeutic and fulfilling hobby, promoting a sense of responsibility and providing a sense of accomplishment as they thrive under your care. So, besides their aesthetic appeal, indoor plants offer a diverse range of physical and mental health benefits, making them an integral part of a healthy and harmonious home environment.

Purchase Some Green Buddies for Your Home from our Online Website of Decorative Plants

While browsing our beautiful collection of plants on FNP, you can order the following for your home:

Jade: Keeping jade plants at home will help you attract good luck, prosperity, and positivity. When you place jade plants near the entrance of your home, you will be able to attract wealth in abundance.

Bonsai: Keeping a bonsai tree at home is also great for removing pollutants and keeping the air inside pure. Additionally, bonsai plants can lower blood pressure and psychological stress.

Aloe vera: You can keep an aloe vera plant at home because of its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It can reduce dental plaque, manage blood sugar, and promote wound healing. Aloe vera is also useful for several skin care remedies at home.

Buy Indoor Plants Online to Decorate Your Office Space

Some indoor plants that you can order to decorate your office space are as follows:

Palm tree: A palm tree is great for your workspace due to its air-purifying properties. Moreover, these trees are considered to be sacred because of their mention in hold books. Palm trees also have an aesthetic appeal that can enhance the appearance of your workplace.

Lucky Bamboo: You can order a lucky bamboo plant from our website to bring wealth and prosperity to your workplace. You can choose from two-layer and three-layer lucky bamboo plants in different types of planters.

Aglaonema: You can keep aglaonema plants in your office for their air-purifying properties. Moreover, these plants can help attract success and good fortune to help your company soar to new heights.

Areca palm: An areca palm is a valuable addition to your workspace because of its air-purifying properties. These plants can also help increase the moisture inside indoor spaces and keep airborne allergies at bay. Moreover, these plants can instil positive energy inside any workplace.

How Can You Take Care of Your Room Plants

When you buy plants for home, you also need to take adequate care of them. Some tips to care for your green babies are as follows:

Water them properly: Watering your indoor plants the right way is crucial for making them survive for a long time. Both underwatering and overwatering can hamper the lifespan of your plants. Understand the moisture requirements of each plant and water them regularly.

Keep them in the right space: You must understand the light requirements of the plants and place them in the right position accordingly. Some plants should be kept near the window if you want them to grow properly. But you can also find plants for dark corners with low light requirements.

Add fertiliser to the soil mix: You need to add fertiliser to the soil mix to make your plants grow in a healthy way. But understand the specific fertiliser that a plant needs before adding it to the soil mix. For instance, flowering plants need fertilisers with potassium. Meanwhile, foliage plants need fertilisers with nitrogen.

Buy House Plants Online in Beautiful Planters

You will come across an exclusive collection of indoor plants on our website. When you order an indoor plant from our website, you will also discover beautiful planters. We deliver the plants along with the gorgeous planters to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior space. For instance, you can purchase indoor plants in plastic pots of soothing colours like white and yellow. If you want something a little more sophisticated, you can order our indoor plants online in glass vases or bowls.

We also have planters with special messages for different occasions. For instance, you can order our Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant as Secret Santa gifts and send your warm wishes to someone who recently landed their dream job. Maybe you can order the Money Plant Terrarium With Love You Tag for your spouse or partner. We also have unique types of planters, like our Lucky Bamboo Bombay Sapphire Bottle Planter. You can also order home plants in our beautiful raisin pots to add a pop of colour to your room. While exploring our collection of indoor plants, you will also discover some personalised plants to add a special message for your loved ones. So, scroll through our collection of home plants in beautiful planters and order your favourite now!

Indoor Plants Suggested by NASA

Bringing nature into your home is more than just an aesthetic choice – it's a breath of fresh air. NASA's research has revealed that certain indoor plants not only elevate your decor but also offer unparalleled benefits for air purification and well-being. For more details, here are some of the green companions that are suggested by NASA.

Peace Lily: Known for its elegant white blooms, Peace Lilies are exceptional air purifiers. They combat common household toxins such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene, making them a perfect choice for cleaner, fresher air.

Spider Plant: This resilient spider plant is a champion at removing pollutants like formaldehyde and xylene, providing a cleaner environment for you and your family. Its long, arching leaves with green and white stripes bring a dash of freshness to your interior decor.

Snake Plant: Snake Plants are low-maintenance and high on benefits, making them the perfect choice for those seeking an elegant yet effective air-purifying addition to their homes.

Money Plant: As the name suggests, Money Plants bring prosperity and good fortune. They are also excellent at purifying the air by absorbing harmful gases like formaldehyde and xylene. This vine-like plant not only enhances your living space but also symbolises growth and abundance.

Dracaena: These elegant, tall plants add a touch of grandeur to your decor with their stunning, variegated leaves. Dracaena not only purify the air but also creates a captivating focal point in your room, making it a statement piece for any home.

Choose Our Smooth and Efficient Delivery Service for Home Plants

With FNP at your service, you can now send plant gifts to your favourite people all over the country. Our express delivery service for home plants ensures that your loved ones receive fresh and lively plants at their doorstep within a short span. We take adequate care to ensure that the delicate plants reach your near and dear ones in perfect condition.

Our same-day delivery is perfect when you are ordering plants because it ensures that the plants don’t have to remain in transit for a long time. If you need even faster deliveries, you can go with our three-hour or in a few hours delivery service. When you order plants online from FNP, you can also opt for our special midnight delivery service. Additionally, we have a fixed-hour delivery service to deliver your house plants at specific hours. Apart from domestic orders, we also accept international orders. You can choose from our next-day and two-day delivery service for international locations. So, place your order of room plants now to enjoy our hassle-free delivery services.