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New Year Plants

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Sentimental Jade With Mug Arrangement


- Nehal Jain

Delivered At: pune

Occasion: new-year

Jade Plant in Metal Pots


- Neetu Saxena

Delivered At: delhi

Occasion: new-year

Online Jade Plant In Gold Tone Metal Pot


- Chaitali gulhane

Delivered At: chandrapur

Occasion: new-year

Order Lush Plants for New Year Celebrations

Every year's end brings along hope for new opportunities and the termination of some old ones. While people occupy themselves with grand New Year Eve parties, we would like to iterate that it's also the right time to gift. Give presents to your parents, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours who have helped you during the year. Show your love and gratitude to them with the most incredible plants for New Year. On FNP, you will come across multiple lush green plants that will spruce up any corner. So, whether you pick New Year plants for your loved ones keeping their bedroom, office or living room in mind, they will do their job properly. So, choose from the 1200+ plants collection, ranging from Sansiveria, Jade, White Pothos, Syngonium, Lucky Bamboo, Hibiscus, Ficus Bonsai, Desert Rose and Peace Lily. You can go a step further and get personalised pot plants with quirky text or print embossed on them. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for these brilliant New Year plant gifts for your near and dear ones right away for a memorable celebration.

Explore the Incredible Range of Happy New Year Plants

Are you planning to gift your loved ones fresh plants on New Year? If so, you will be glad to know that FNP has a vast collection of happy New Year plants. So, scroll down and know all the greens that our website has for you -

Bonsai Plants

Bonsai can make for the best gift for New Year. They are easy to maintain and keep the person busy with their pruning. You can order Pachira Bonsai, Ginseng Bonsai, Ficus Bonsai, Ficus Microcarpa or Araucaria Bonsai from our online shop and surprise your loved ones with the most adorable green.

Air-Purifying Plants

The air-purifying plants are known to cleanse the environment of harmful toxins. Therefore, they are great New Year plants to gift your loved ones. On our website, you can find Spider plants, Bamboo Palms, Boston Ferns, Pothos, Peace Lily plants and more to increase the intake of clean air.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are houseplants that bring positive vibes to your indoor surroundings. Therefore, to make the first day of the upcoming year full of positive vibes, you must check out our indoor plants' collection. We have Jade plants, Money plants, Peace Lily plants, Lucky Bamboo, Syngonium plants, Spider plants and several more beautiful plants on our website.

Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants are those plants that can be grown outdoors in sunlight and shade. We offer a wide range of fresh happy New Year plants that can be placed in terraces, balconies and gardens. Our category of outdoorsy greens includes the Lucky Money tree, Desert Rose, Bonsai plant, Hibiscus plant, Jasmine plant, Christmas plant, Aloe Vera and Money plant.

Good Luck Plants

Good Luck plants are known for their positive vibes. They make the best New Year plants to gift to your friends and family. So, explore lucky plants like Snake, Jade, Eucalyptus, Lucky bamboo, Money tree and Ficus ginseng at our online plant shop as soon as possible.

Get Smooth Delivery of New Year Plants at FNP

The end of another year makes people either happy or sad. Either way, they need to accept the change and move forward by working for a better year. A great way to instil this thought and bring hope to them is by gifting them fresh New Year plants from FNP. Moreover, with our hassle-free deliveries, you can surprise them at any time of the day. If you are one of those forgetful shoppers, then opt to gift plants on New Year with one hour or same day delivery. If you are the complete opposite, who plans out everything, then a standard or midnight service will go you good. Whichever delivery you choose, you can mark your presence and send your love to any city in the country, especially when you can not celebrate the occasion with the giftee. So, these unique plant gifts on New Year will make your friend or relative smile, as they will receive your best wishes. Therefore, you can buy these decorative plants for home or offices at any time of the day and while sitting anywhere in the country. Happiness and good wishes can now be sent to any corner of the country with just a few clicks on the phone or laptop.

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