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Peace Lily

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Air Purifying Plants- Set Of 10

"Amazing products

- Maheshwar Kumar

Delivered At: kothaguda-hyderabad

Occasion: valentines-day

Gorgeous Set Of Six House Plants

"Excellent services ordered all the way from KSA to Hyderabad to my mom and dad with love ❤️ they were flabbergasted Thank U FNP

- Syed Rehman

Delivered At: hyderabad

Occasion: anniversary

Peace Lily plant in a vase


- Poonam

Delivered At: mumbai

Occasion: birthday

Order Stunning Peace Lily Plants Online

Gardening is the purest of human pleasures. Taking care of a plant like a child and watching it grow is an extremely soothing process. Plants relax our soul and mind by their presence. Indoor plants are an incredible gift item that we can give to our loved ones or ourselves. Start a little tradition and give yourself a plant every year on your birthday. This tradition will transform your life and make you a responsible and optimistic person. If you are already convinced and are planning to buy an indoor plant, then make Peace Lily plants your first baby plant. These plants are easy to manage and purify the air as well. With its emerald green leaves and white flower, the indoor lily plant looks scintillating and makes for a unique addition to your home decor. Peace Lily is known for purifying the air, removing the mould spores from the air, and it also promotes restful sleep. This plant needs mild sunlight, and so you can keep it in your room and magnify the beauty of it!

Learn How to Care for a Peace Lily with Perfection

Plants are pure Love. They make the best pets and brighten up the room in the best way. One of the best plants that you can keep at your place is a Peace Lily. This plant is perfect for beginners and adds beauty to every corner of your house. Here’s how to care for a Peace Lily.

1. Place your plant in bright and indirect light.

2. Keep the soil moist but do not overwater them as that can lead to root rotting problem.

3. Fertilise them only occasionally as they do not require heavy fertilising.

4. They are tropical plants hence keep them away from drafty windows and cold.

5. Peace Lily loves high humidity hence frequently mist the leaves and keep the humidity level as per its needs. It will help in their proper growth.

Send Impressive Peace Lily Plants for Your Family and Friends through FNP

Peace Lily is an indoor plant that is a perfect gift for any occasion. Plants can easily attract love from humans. If you are planning to surprise your best friend on her/his birthday, and are looking for a spectacular gift, then order a Peace Lily plant from our website for them. Make the 25th anniversary of your parents special by sending them the Peace Lily plant. Peace Lily will purify the air they breathe in and will make for an easy to handle new member of the family. Take a look at our collection of Peace Lily plants and surprise your loved ones right away. From stupendous planters to same-day plants delivery, we at FNP offer it all. We deliver in around 120+ countries and are a well-known gifting website. In India, you can get plants delivered in cities like Bombay, Meerut, Jaipur, Shimla and more. Get ready to be impressed by our Peace Lily collection and order one for yourself or your family soon!