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Planter Pots

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Syngonium Plant In Birthday Antiquity Bottle Planter

"very good

- Shalini Agnihotri

Delivered At: Delhi


Birthday Special Syngonium Plants

"Very good ,and maintaining schedule delivery time.

- sukthankarprafulla

Delivered At: Mumbai

Occasion: birthday

Set Of 3 Green Plants In Cute Girl Pots

"Very nice packaging.

- Saumya Sahni

Delivered At: delhi

Occasion: thank-you

Buy Artistic Planters Online from FNP

Gardening is a productive hobby that keeps one happy & healthy, both mentally & physically. Growing green and beautiful plants add colours and happy vibes to homes and gardens. The beauty of plants enhances when grown in colourful and gorgeous planters. They completely change the way plants look and enhance their charm beautifully. To help you make your plants look even fresher and prettier, FNP presents an extensive range of planters online made from different kinds of material. Our collection of plant pots online includes heart-printed pot, designer pink pot, purple ceramic pot, resin pot, bucket-shaped metal pot, cup & saucer pot, coconut husk pot, wood log planter, rocket planter, and cart shaped pot for plants. The abstract prints and textures of planters would grab your attention at first sight and make you purchase them in heaps. We give you a number of options to take your pick. They would make excellent gifts for friends or family members who love gardening. The planters would also enhance the overall look of their home and fill it with green and happy colours. Along with eye-catching planters, you can also buy plants online from our website, such as air-purifying plants, money plant, bonsai plants, lucky bamboo, succulents, medicinal plants, and many more. So, wait no more and order these quirky planters online without stepping out of your house.

Order Different Kinds of Planters For Your Home And Office Garden Online Through FNP

Have you been planning on being a plant parent recently? If yes, the initial step would be to look for the perfect plant to thrive in your weather conditions and the second most important task is to find the perfect planter for them. Planters come in different materials and shapes but with FNP, the process of finding the perfect ones becomes much simpler. Browse through hundreds of planters in different shapes and sizes and place an order from them online.

  • Plastic Planter - Have you been searching for plastic planters for your home or office garden? They are the perfect kind to plant your seeds in since they are durable, lightweight and easy to carry. They are also perfect for the kind of plants that need a lot of moisture to survive. Resin planters exude very similar properties so you could go for them as well.

  • Mug Planter - Mug planters are a good way of growing plants indoors when one doesn’t have a lot of space. They are chic and trendy, and can fit into a corner very easily. They are perfect for a little herb garden in your kitchen or to grow succulents. They come in different shapes and sizes and textures so you can easily choose one according to your decor.

  • Glass Planter - Glass planters are a very elegant alternative to the usual cement, soil or ceramic planters. They look great with money plants since it can survive without soil as well. Glass planters also allow you to keep track of your plants’ growth.

  • Metal Planter - Metal planters come in various designs. Using the perfect metal with the perfect plant can give you amazing results. Compared to other varieties like ceramic planters, metallic ones don’t chip and are very sturdy.

  • Concrete Planter - If you want to invest in planters during the initial stage of your plant parent journey, this should be it. Also, Concrete planters are long-lasting and environmentally friendly investments. They are good for the roots as well since concrete planters come in light colours and therefore, absorb less sunlight when kept in the open.

  • Cork Planter - One major benefit of using cork planters is that it repels water, allowing it to repel mold as well. They are also eco-friendly and their crude look allows for some cool personalisation of your decor.

  • Fibre Planters - Fibre Planters are durable and attractive and have the ability to withstand impacts of weather conditions such as heat, rain and wind. They are again, a very eco-friendly option, allowing for you to recycle it very easily.

Send Colourful Planters to Your Loved Ones on Special Occasions

From ceramic to metal to resin, you can find a range of plant pots online on FNP. They are not only available at affordable prices but also quite eye-catching in design and texture. The planters are available in large and small sizes as well as in geometric shapes. You can pick one for yourself or gift one to your friends and relatives on special occasions like birthday, housewarming party, Diwali, New Year, etc. These artistic pots for plants would make perfect gifts for people who have a green thumb. We offer planters online and delivers them across India & abroad. You can also buy indoor plants online from our website like syngonium, aloe vera, peace lily, snake plant, money plant, etc. and send for your dear ones with our same-day and next-day delivery services. Our online payment gateway is 100% safe and secure, so you can rest assured about your confidential information like credit card details and pin code. The beautiful plants in cute planters will make a delightful surprise for your loved ones and put a beaming smile on their faces.