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Love is Forever and so are these Roses! Explore Forever Roses which are 100% natural & well preserved and will last for upto 2 years. A Forever Rose signifies your unending love for your special someone. It is like a piece of your heart, which is with them for eternity. The special appeal of these roses will delight your lover with their mystic and elegance.

Order Forever Roses Online For An Eternal Love

We all know that flowers are one of nature's profound beauty that mysteriously brings a smile across our faces. However, what you don't know is that there is one type of flower that has superior magical powers. At FNP, you will find a massive selection of stunning Forever Roses online that will leave the recipient in awe. This flower is, of course, a rose, but it has been preserved in a full bloom state with the help of harmless chemicals. Thus, leaving you with not just a flower but a home decor item as well. So, for Valentine's Day or your anniversary, you can buy Forever Roses in a glass box. This flower comes in red, pink, white, blue, yellow, purple, golden and several more hues. Send your best wishes and love to your significant other or parent on their birthday by ordering an antique treasure box filled with six Forever Roses. Celebrate festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day by buying these mind blowing eternal roses online for a grand day. So, stop wasting time and grab this timeless flower right now before someone else catches wind of it.

Explore The Wide Collection Of Forever Roses At FNP

In today's fast-changing world where technology changes every day and fashion evolves every month, forever has just become a concept. But thanks to the timeless forever roses that can stand the test of time and stay in fresh condition for up to two years. These exotic flowers are of supreme quality because of their proximity to the Equator, which has perfect environment conditions and rich soil. These roses for rose day are cut at their peak growth when they are in the perfect state. After being dehydrated, the roses are injected with a wax-based non-toxic solution that curbs their growth while keeping intact their soft texture and shape. These preserved roses do not need regular maintenance and watering like ordinary roses. You can just wash them with water in a month or two and you'll have the perfect flowers for close to 2 years. This Valentine's Day, give a miss to the ordinary gifts and brighten up the mood of your beloved with forever roses- the perfect Valentine flowers as a symbol of your royal and timeless love for them. They will do miracles for your love life and enchant your partner in the most romantic manner possible.

Send Your Sweetheart Forever Roses On Valentine's Day

Roses are undoubtedly the perfect gifting choice for Valentine's Day. After all, they always manage to bring an instant smile on the face of your loved one. It's all hunky-dory till the roses are fresh and fragrant. But once they start to wilt, it breaks our heart to even look at them. At FNP, we do not want you to become sad looking at the dead and withered flowers. Therefore, for the first time in India, we are bringing infinity roses in red, blue, black and multicolor shades that are supposed to last much longer than the usual roses. They are treated with an exclusive solution that maintains their freshness and structure. These infinity roses continue to look and feel fresh for up to two years with a little bit of dusting every two to three months. These timeless beauties will make excellent Valentine's Day gifts for your sweetheart that can be preserved for a very long time. Every look at these enduring charmers will make your partner believe in your infinite and unconditional love for them.

FAQs On Forever Roses

Q1. What is a forever rose?

Ans. A forever rose is a real rose that does not wither and remains fresh for upto 2 years. It is treated with a non-toxic process to retain its freshness.

Q2. What are forever roses made of?

Ans. The rose is cut when it is at its most beautiful stage (ideally blooming stage). It is then put into a mixture of environment-friendly chemicals and other natural plant elements. The process takes a few days to complete and once done, you get a preserved rose that looks fresh and natural.

Q3. How long does the Forever rose last?

Ans. The everlasting or forever rose can last for nearly two years without any need for water and sunlight. It may last up to 5 years if stored in a sealed condition.

Q4. How many colours of forever roses are there?

Ans. There are around 30 colours of forever roses such as charming yellow forever rose, pink forever rose, orange forever rose, black forever rose, cherry blossom roses, blue forever rose and forever red rose. Honestly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to colouring forever roses.

Q5. How much does a Forever Rose cost?

Ans. A single forever rose price varies from INR 1500 to INR 1700. On the other hand, if you are looking for a combo gift of forever roses, it can cost you around INR 3500.

Q6. Are Eternal roses fake?

Ans. No, eternal roses are not fake as they are made up of real roses and preserved to last for years. You can buy eternal roses online at the best prices from FNP.

Q7. Are preserved roses worth it?

Ans. Since they maintain the look and feel of freshly-cut roses, last longer and require zero maintenance, buying preserved roses online is worth it.

Q8. Does FNP deliver Forever Roses?

Ans. FNP bring you only the best forever rose in glass. Order a forever rose gift that lasts long for your loved ones.