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Rose Day Roses

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Elegant Vibes Red Roses Bouquet

"Delivery staff Barun was prompt and delivered the good in due time.

- Anirban

Delivered At: gurgaon

Occasion: rose-day

Whispers of Red Rose

"Very good

- Lopamudra Mukherjee

Delivered At: Mumbai

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Fancy Red Rose Bouquet Online


- ishita Sharma

Delivered At: Jodhpur

Occasion: rose-day

Order Alluring Rose Day Roses to Celebrate the Day

Rose is the epitome of beauty and elegance. To complement your sweetheart in a romantic way, a rose is always the perfect kind of gift. Therefore, for this upcoming 7th February, you must get Rose Day special roses for celebration. We have filled our online flower shop with scintillating bouquets, bunches, and arrangements of beautiful roses for rose day. A rose fills the atmosphere with love and romance and this is exactly what you need on Rose Day. The bouquet of 10 red roses, 100 red roses, 20 mixed color roses, 20 red roses and Asiatic lilies – we have all the romantic kind of flowers that would portray just the correct emotion on this day that kicks of the Valentine’s Day. You can buy a heart-shaped arrangement of Valentine Red Roses which is one of our unique products that reflects the pure love. So, you just cannot ignore this beautiful presentation of beautiful roses for rose day!

Rose Day Roses Meaning Based on their Color

Red Roses The classic red rose is often the strong emotion of love, longing and extreme desire of your deepest affection for that special someone in your life. A bright red rose also signifies romance & courage with spirit of love.
White Roses The vibrant color of white rose signifies symbol of purity and innocence for the new beginning and expresses new hope for the future.
Yellow Roses Yellow roses evoke emotions of joy, warmth, happiness and enthusiasm. By giving yellow roses to someone signifies remember me with warm feelings of friendship and optimism.
Pink Roses Pink color conveys mild emotions of admiration, joy, gratitude or to say thank you. It also expresses your gentleness and appreciation for the person you don't want to lose anyhow.
Orange Roses Color of orange signifies the emotions of passion and energy. Orange roses realize the feeling of proud of the person you want to be with always.
Peach Roses Peach Roses show your appreciation and decent love with gratitude or just an elegant way to say Thank You! For the person being with you in every walk of life.
Blue Roses Blue rose is often considered as symbols of love, prosperity, or immortality which convey something which is unattainable and impossible. By giving blue roses reveal "You are just wonderful" person in my life.
Green Roses Green color is the messenger of harmony, prosperity, cheerfulness and tranquillity. It shows respect for the person you care and a charming gift with all positive wishes overtones.

Enjoy Online Delivery of Beautiful Rose Day Roses

With the emergence of e-commerce, everything around has become easier. From shopping for groceries to buying gifts, you can enjoy a lot via online shopping. Our website specializes in gifts. To make your Valentine Week a rocking one, you can pick up the lovely Valentine rose bouquets and make your lover happy. The beauty and fragrance of a rose would surely give you a romantic day ahead. Apart from the thrilling bouquets, you can also spot the charming bunches and artistic arrangements of rose day special roses in vases or baskets. Have a close look at each of them and select your rose day special gifts from our online flower shop. Send these special roses for rose day to your sweetheart and create a romantic memory.

Number of Roses with Meanings

Ever wondered about the significance of rose flower meanings, color, number and relation. Each and every rose evokes a different emotion and expresses a different meaning. Flowers were once considered to be secret messengers during the Victorian times when conversations were restricted and the art was often termed as ‘Floriography’. Red Roses are often known to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day.

  • One Rose - Love at first sight
  • Two Roses - Mutual Affection or Marry Me
  • Three Roses - I love you and can be perfect number of roses for proposal too.
  • Six Roses - Infatuation
  • Nine Roses - I will love you forever
  • 10 Roses - You are simply perfect
  • 12 Roses - Picking up the best from the lot and also be mine
  • 13 Roses -  I am your secret admirer
  • 15 Roses - I am sorry
  • 20 Roses -  My love for you is sincere
  • 25 Roses - Congratulations
  • 99 Roses - I will love you till I die
  • 100 Roses - Extreme devotion till you die
  • 101 Roses - You will always be the one for me
  • 365 Roses -  I will love you each and every day
  • 999 Roses - I will love you till the end of time
  • 1001 Roses - Love that will live forever

Avail Express and Midnight Delivery of Rose Day Roses from FNP

The fresh and charming red roses and other red flowers are ready to shower more love and affection on your honey this Valentine’s Week. The week kicks off with Rose Day for which the sizzling rose day special roses would be the perfect gift. As propose day gifts, you can pick up a bouquet of flowers along with a heart-shaped box of chocolates for him/her. Our superb midnight delivery, express delivery, same-day delivery, next day delivery, or fixed time delivery would make sure that your special occasion remains a beautiful memory. We are the best online gift shop because of our countless products and unique worldwide delivery services. With our brilliant network of delivery services almost all over India and major locations abroad, you can now reach out to your loved ones on any festival or occasion. For delivery in Delhi or Dubai, Mumbai or Malaysia, we are therefore the right place for you!

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