Why July Borns Should Wear Ruby?

July babies are not only born with the best season of the year (Monsoon) but are also blessed to wear the most coveted gem of the century, i.e. Ruby. This fiery red stone is the rarest of all precious stones highly valued throughout history. Notably known as the king of precious stones, the Ruby is the hardest and most durable stone after the Diamond. Besides, given its association with love, passion and protection, Ruby is becoming increasingly popular in rings, bracelets and pendants. Here’s what all you need to know about July’s birthstone, the ruby.

Why July Borns Should Wear Ruby

Ruby: Meaning and History

The name ‘Ruby’ comes from the Latin word for red which is ‘Rubeus’. The Sanskrit translates Ruby to Ratnaraj which means ‘King of precious stones.’ The prime reason being its rarity, beauty, hardness and (believed-to-be) mystical powers. The chromium that gives ruby its red colour also causes fluorescence, which makes rubies glow like a fire from within.

The historical records from early 200 B.C. suggest that this gemstone was traded along the North Silk Road of China. Throughout its history, the gem has influenced different cultures. For example, in ancient China, it was used as a cure for grief and evil thoughts. And the Egyptians highly regarded the gem and used it to signify Uraeus, the serpent in the sceptres of the Pharaohs. There was also a belief that this gemstone could predict the danger of any kind of misfortune.

Though rubies are found all around the globe, it is found mostly in India. The highest quality Rubies are from Burma. Thailand, Zimbabwe, North Carolina, Madagascar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the other sources of Ruby.

Ruby: Symbolism & Folklore

  • According to the legends, Rubies were created by fire. In fact, it was thought that if the stone was tossed into the water, the liquid would start boiling.
  • As per the Greek legends, the warmth of Ruby has the ability to even melt the wax.
  • It was a belief among the Hindus that if they offered rubies to Lord Krishna, they’d be reborn as emperors.
  • The stone is a popular traditional 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries gift.
  • There was a time when rubies were considered more valuable than diamonds. It is widely recognised as a token of wealth, passion and safety.
  • Ruby was once believed to prevent the wearer from illness and misfortune.