Know Emerald: The Birthstone of May

The force is really with those born in May because they are blessed with the luckiest stone, i.e. Emerald. This verdantly-hued jewel is among the most precious gems, is the most sought after stone across the globe for years and has found a brief mention in folklore, medicine, religion and royalty. Known for its captivating beauty and soothing effects, the Emerald has been long associated with feelings of love, passion, wealth, success and wisdom. This article covers everything you need to know about this enchanting gemstone.

Know Emerald: The Birthstone of May

Emerald: Meaning & History

The name Emerald is derived from the Greek word ‘Smargadus’ which translates to ‘Green gem’. This enchanting green stone has several connotations throughout different cultures. The people of the Aztecs and Incas believed the gem to be sacred. In fact, the Incas used Emerald in their jewellery and religious ceremonies for almost half a century by the time the Spanish arrived.

The emerald is also distinguished in Egyptian culture. It is believed that Emeralds were discovered by the Pharaohs thousands of years ago. Their Queen Cleopatra would dress from head to toe in Emeralds. In fact, copious emeralds were discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs.

The country of Ireland is known as ‘The Emerald Isle’, because of its green countryside. While these stones are not originally mined in Ireland, they share a rich history in Irish jewellery, given their deep green hue.

Emerald is known as the Panna stone in Hindi and is connected with the heart chakra in Hinduism. This makes this precious gemstone a symbol of the heart and universal love. Also, in the middle ages, emeralds were seen as a symbol of fertility and good luck.

Today, Emeralds are sourced from India, Austria, Columbia, Russia, China, Norway, South Africa, Zambia, Canada and The United States among others.

Emerald: Symbolism & Folklore

  • Wearing Emerald is known to make the wearer more intelligent and sharp-witted.
  • At one point in time, Emerald was believed to cure diseases including Malaria and Cholera.
  • Today, Emerald is given as a gift for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.
  • The legend has it that in the past, putting an emerald under the tongue would keep away the evil spirits and get the truth out of the speaker.

Emerald is among the most reputed gemstones that can bring success and luck to the wearer. So, May babies, make people go green with envy by flaunting jewellery made up of Emerald.