Everything you Need to Know About November Birthstone: Topaz

November babies are lucky as they are blessed with an exquisite and beautiful gemstone made up of gorgeous hues. Topaz is a stunning and well-loved gemstone that is believed to possess magical and healing properties. The birthstone symbolizes love, affection and is said to bring good luck to the wearers & protect them from any mishap. Keep reading to know everything about Topaz colours, origins, facts and folklore.

Everything you Need to Know About November Birthstone


It is believed that the Ural Mountains in Russia was the largest producer of topaz in the 19th century. Today, Minas Gerais (a state in Brazil) is one of the most significant sources of Topaz for decades. The place produces the highest and the finest quality of Imperial Topaz. Pakistan is a noteworthy source of violet, red and pink Topaz. Sri Lanka is a primary source of colourless Topaz. Other sources of Topaz include Australia, India, Nigeria, Germany, Mexico and Russia.


Though there are a variety of colours to choose from, Topaz itself is colourless. The hues of shades and colours come from naturally forming impurities. The gemstone is available in a range of beautiful colours including pink, blue, brown, yellow and pale green.

Symbolism & Meaning

The word ‘Topaz’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ which means ‘Fire’. Some others trace its roots back to the Greek word, while Romans obtained the stone from the island of Topazios. For centuries, people have believed that the gemstone promotes creativity, long life, improved strength, mental clarity and beauty.


In the middle ages, consuming powdered Topaz mixed with wine is said to induce good sleep. According to Greek belief, the stone can make the wearer invisible. Moreover, as per a popular myth, dreaming of Topaz will make you get rid of your problems.


When cut with perfection, the stone looks no less than a diamond. Topaz is a magnificent gemstone for jewellery such as rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. So, if you are buying jewellery with Topaz, then you are sure to leave a lasting impression.