Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Are you an ardent gifter who is specific about all the minute details? From the perfect ribbon to the way the gift is wrapped, everything should be magnificent. Have you run out of gift wrapping ideas? Don't worry. Scroll down and take a look at our unique gift wrapping ideas that will leave the recipient in awe!

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Do it With Brown Paper & Dried Flowers

Wrap the gift with brown paper. Now, take a few dried flowers and stick them on the front side. Take a small rectangle piece of a white sheet and stick it in the middle. Write a sweet message on it, and your gift is ready!

Use Newspapers

Reuse your newspapers by wrapping gifts. Pain the sheet of the newspaper with the colour you like and tie a gorgeous ribbon on it.

Use Fairylights

There are a lot of fairy lights that are operated by a battery. Take a white wrapping sheet and cover your gift. Now, tie the fairy light like you a ribbon on the gift, and make a bow.

Try Block Printing

Take a beautiful sheer cotton cloth and with the help of blocks and paint, cover it with prints. Now, wrap your gift with the printed cloth, and attach a sweet note to it.