Top 6 Feng Shui Plants that Ooze Out Good Energy

Plants are known to bring happiness wherever you plant them. You just look upon a green plant or a tree and a river of happiness flows into your heart. Moreover, plants are also known for emitting positive energy (aka Feng Shui) in their surroundings. This results in a more evolved lifestyle, which makes a person more efficient and healthy. So, if you are wondering which plant is the best for Feng Shui, then just scroll through this page -

Feng Shui Plants

Money Plant

The name "money tree" really comes from Feng Shui principles, which promote the idea that the plant would attract luck and good fortune to its owner and the surroundings. Money Plant is ideal for compact living spaces since it can flourish in indirect light and only requires minimal watering. The presence of money plants also lowers stress and anxiety levels.

Bamboo Plant

According to Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is an indoor plant that can infuse your house or office space with positive energy. Lucky bamboo is a sign of wealth and harmonises the five elements of nature. The wealth corner of any room is the best place to keep this plant.

Jade Plant

Another plant on this list which is often associated with better fortune and promoting positive energy is the jade plant. These succulents are relatively resilient, making them a better option for people who have trouble keeping them alive. Jade plants are ideally positioned in the home's money, health or fame regions because of their coin-shaped leaves. Additionally, you may put them in a workplace to entice prosperity and riches.

Philodendron Plant

The leaves of the philodendron plant resemble fire which makes it perfect to liven up gloomy spaces where energy flow is low. Plus, they incorporate warmth into spaces which creates a balance between the energy of yin and yang in the area. Since the Philodendron plant is also capable to thrive under artificial light, you can plant them anywhere without any worries.

Orchid Plant

Orchids are the perfect Feng Shui plant for love since they add beautiful colour and peace to any area. Thus, orchids are a lovely method to boost positive vibes (aka the Feng Shui) in your love life. For optimum effects, put them in the relationship corner of the house such as a bedroom.

Citrus Plants

You may not know, but these tangy plants can also add luck and harmony to your space! Planting citrus plants in your home will bring health and wealth. Also, they are said to regulate a room's chi energy flow in a better way.