Gift Wrapping Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day brings a lot of excitement along with it. This fabulous day is a celebration of true and pure love between two souls who are meant to be together. Valentine’s Day is not limited to surprising your significant other with thoughtful gifts, showering love and going on a candlelight dinner. To make the love of your life feel elated and loved, you need to do a little extra. Wrap a simple gift yourself and add a personal touch to the gift that will leave them in awe. Here is a spread of creative gift wrapping ideas for Valentine’s Day that will add the charm to your impeccable gift!

valentines day gifts

Brown Paper and Pink Ribbon

Get a brown paper and wrap your gift with it. Make little hearts with a sketch pen or a crayon and tie the ribbon on your gift. This beautiful wrapping idea is simple and elegant and will surely impress your beloved.

Pressed Flowers and White Paper

Take a few flowers and remove the petals. Take a book and keep the petals inside it and close it tightly. Let the book stay under other books for a week or two. Take a white wrapping paper and cover your gift with it. Take the dried and pressed petals and paste them on the wrapped gift. Cover the whole present with petals and add a small piece of paper on top of it to write your romantic note.

Foil Paper and Paint

This gift wrapping idea is a unique one. Wrap your gift carefully with a crushed foil paper. Take your favourite paint colour and paint it from all sides. Let the paint dry and then, add a ribbon all around it. Write a note on a paper and paste it on the wrapped gift. Your unique gift is ready!

Satin Cloth & Ribbon

To give an elegant feel to your Valentine’s day gift, you can take a wine colour satin cloth, and wrap your gift with it. You can take a black ribbon, and wrap it around the gift and tie a bow in the middle. This chic wrapping style wins everyone’s heart and is super easy.

Try your hands at these super memorable gifts wrapping ideas for Valentine's Day for the ultimate surprise. A gift wrapped with your hands will indeed be an unforgettable one!