Know What Each Element of Lord Ganesha Tells About Him

We are aware of how Ganesh Chaturthi's enthusiasm is already making our life exciting, but do you know what makes Lord Ganesha special? According to Indian mythology, Ganpati Bappa is the first deity worshipped during any religious procession or festivity. This is why Ganesha is the first image that comes to mind when one thinks about anything auspicious in the Hindu context. So, let’s dive into what each element of Lord Ganesha makes him unique -

Element of Lord Ganesha

The Trunk

Just like the trunk of an elephant is strong enough to uproot a tree and skilful enough to pick up a needle, the trunk of Lord Ganesha represents the reality that the knowledgeable person possesses both great power and wisdom.

The Big Ears

Like his trunk, Lord Ganesha has big elephant-shaped ears too. This represents that he is a good listener and listens to everyone who comes to him.

The Four Hands

The four hands of Lord Ganesha say a lot about his ideology. In the first hand, he is holding a lotus, which is a symbol of enlightenment. On the other hand, he is holding a hatchet which shows the cumulative balance of good and evil of past deeds. In the third hand, he can be seen holding laddus or the rewards for the good. And lastly, the fourth hand is used to shower blessings.

The Broken Tusk

There are many stories that tell us why Lord Ganesha has a broken tusk. However, the symbolism of this is more than just his physical appearance. As per the broken tusk philosophy, our “true self” is beyond our physical mind and body. The broken edge connected to his head shows his connectivity to self. However, the other part of the tusk which is not connected to his body but is still part of his existence is used to impart wisdom to the world.

The Way He Sits

Lord Ganesha can be seen seated with one foot on the floor with the other one resting on his knee, which is raised above the floor. This symbolises how an individual should keep their foot on the ground and be wise, regardless of status or power.