Know all About these 5 Greatest Teachers of Indian History

Since the beginning of time, teaching has been one of the noblest and most enriching professions. Indian history has seen outstanding educators who have distinguished themselves by making contributions to the intellectual, social and spiritual spheres. They have changed people's lives, opened up new options, funded intellectual revolutions and elevated India to higher levels. On this Teacher's Day, know all about the 5 greatest teachers of Indian history here -

5 Greatest Teachers

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha was probably the first teacher of Indian history. In his time, he was known by the name of “Siddhartha” who was in constant search of freedom and happiness throughout his life. Even though he was a king and had everything that could make a person happy, he followed a strict path which led him towards the foundation of Buddhism. He later decided to share his wisdom with the world and went on to educate humanity through his Eightfold Path. One of his famous quotes that people abide by is “You only lose what you cling to.”


Royal advisor of King Chandragupta Maurya, Chanakya was one of the crafty teachers of all times. He was a great philosopher and jurist in his time, who contributed majorly to the science of “material gain”. Out of many of his writings, there are two books that economists and business people follow by heart i.e. Nitishastra (also called Chanakya Niti) and Arthashastra. A famous quote by Chanakya you can learn from is “No one can defeat a powerful mind.”

Savitribai Phule

She has contributed so much to Indian society that one cannot finish the list of her achievements. She is the first female teacher who, alongside her husband, revolutionised the country in 1848 by opening schools for untouchable girls. During this time, she was constantly threatened and humiliated by the upper class. Despite all the hardships, she marched her way and became the best teacher of her time. A famous quote by Savitribai Phule that shows her determination toward education is, "We shall overcome and success will be ours in the future. The future belongs to us.”

Swami Vivekananda

Reformer by blood and a teacher by heart, Swami Vivekananda was famous for his unparalleled intellect. He was the one who advocated the Gurukula system and spread awareness about Practical Vedanta. One of his teachings that has the ability to brighten the dullest of days is -“Talk to yourself at least once a day, otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.”

Rabindra Nath Tagore

The creator of our national anthem, Rabindra Nath Tagore was known for his unique mindset toward education. He believes that “The main objective of teaching is not to give explanations, but to knock on the doors of the mind”. And therefore, he introduced the concept of wholesome learning by adding physical activities with basic education. He is also well-recognised for his contributions as a writer and a freedom fighter.