Is There Really Any Difference Between Cakes & Pastries

Are pastries just the slices of cakes? What’s the difference between cake and pastry? or Are cakes and pastries the same things? - If you love sweets and baked goods, then chances are you have an opinion one way or the other on this matter. These are the questions that are often asked by many people and one that doesn't seem to have a simple answer. These two delicious categories are often known to be a part of one another but there are some differences between them. In this writing piece, we go in-depth on what is the difference between cakes and pastries. But let’s start with the basics first!

Is There Really Any Difference Between Cakes & Pastries

About Cakes

Cakes are desserts made with sweet batter or dough that's either baked or steamed and then coated with frosting/icing. They're generally layered in tiers for aesthetic purposes and can be round, square, rectangle, oval, etc.. The most popular types of cakes are chocolate cake, vanilla cake, pineapple cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake and cheesecake.

About Pastries

The pastry is also a dessert that is primarily made using flour, butter and water. It is generally prepared in a triangle or rectangular shape and just like cakes, available in different flavours. In general, pastries are small, colourful and flaky. There are different types of pastries available such as pies, eclairs, tarts, puffs and many more.

Difference Between Cake and Pastry

Though little, there are some differences between the forms and arrangement of cakes & pastries. Let’s know them.

Ingredients: Cake is made by combining several ingredients including wheat flour, milk, baking soda, sugar, butter and eggs together. On the other hand, a pastry is made up of a kind of dough made up of merely three things, i.e. flour, butter and water.

Process:The process of baking and making cake is a bit complicated as compared to pastries.

Texture:Pastry is made up of a stiff dough while the batter/dough of a cake is softer.

Size:There is no strict measurement when it comes to cake. It can be as small as 500 gm and as big as 3-4 kgs.