Did you Know About these Interesting Global Gifting Traditions

A gift is a well-known token of love and appreciation and exchanging gifts is an immemorial tradition followed by mankind across the globe. For many years, people have been giving gifts on almost every occasion. Altogether, gifting has become an irreplaceable part of all cultures. And since every culture has its own take on greeting and gifting, we have a whole lot of global gifting traditions to share with you.

Interesting Global Gifting Traditions

Gift Giving Customs in India

When it comes to culture, India is one of the most popular countries in the world. And like all other traditions, the art of gifting in India is deep-rooted in its rituals. It is believed that one must give a gift (whether it is a happy or a sad occasion) with both hands at the arrival time only. On the other hand, the host presents them with a returning gift as a token of gratitude and appreciation. From materialistic items to cash, anything presented with love can be a gift in India. However, when it comes to money as a gift, one must ensure that the amount is in odd numbers, otherwise, it is considered a sign of separation and negativity.

Britain & Its Unique Gifting Style

Unlike in other cultures, the art of gifting here is very much different. Offering unique gifts is considered a thoughtful and caring gesture in Britain. For instance, gifts like lottery tickets and decorative keys are considered ideal gifts for Christmas, Weddings and Birthdays. While oranges, candles and other small items are used as sock filler gifts during pre-Christmas celebrations.

Russian Ritual of Gifts

As per the Russian culture, gift-giving is not a one-sided ritual. On auspicious occasions like birthdays, not only does the guest bring gifts for the celebrant, but they also receive gifts from the host. Furthermore, giving red roses or perfumes to your beloved or any woman is one of the most preferred gifts in Russia. However, giving a gift to a pregnant mother for the “born-to-be” is considered to be a sin, as it brings bad luck to the baby.

Gifting Traditions in French Culture

In France, what you offer as a gift is more important than how you present it! Gifting chocolates and flowers paired with esoteric books and music are one of the most favoured options. On the contrary, bringing wine, especially for dine-in invitations, can be taken as an insult, as it is the responsibility of the host to arrange good food and wine on the table.

The world doesn’t have any end, nor do its gifting traditions! From Japan to Saudi Arabia or from Spain to Malaysia, every land has its own way to greet and gift its loved ones. Rest, keep exploring these unique gifting cultures and expand your horizons for the next time you are in the meet and greet.