Everything You Need to Know About October Birthstones - Opal & Tourmaline

October borns are charming, optimistic, focused and warm-hearted. But they are also lucky since they are blessed with two beautiful birthstones - Opal and Tourmaline. Both gemstones have everyone enchanted with their spectral beauty that has been compared to the likes of rainbows, galaxies and sparklers. They are appreciated for their beautiful, shimmering colour combinations and characteristics, making the perfect gift for those born in the tenth month. This article highlights everything you want to know about these precious gems. Keep reading to discover more facts about October birthstones!

Everything you need to know about October Birthstones


The word ‘Opal’ is believed to have originated from the Latin ‘Opalus’ meaning ‘precious Jewel’ and from the Greek ‘Opallios’ meaning ‘to see a colour change’. Some believe that the stone traces its roots in India wherein Sanskrit it was called ‘Upala’ meaning ‘precious stone’. Opal’s extraordinary ‘play of colours’ is a phenomenon that occurs when light enters and interacts with its internal structure. This results in the appearance of the colours of the visible spectrum. One Opal can have n-number of appearances, and no two Opals are alike. Where it is found? Also known as ‘Queen of gems’, Opal is found in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar, Turkey and the United States. However, Australia produces 95% of the world's Opal and is their official national gemstone.

Opal’s Facts & Folklore

  • Traditionally, Necklaces, with Opals in them, were worn to repel evil and protect eyesight.
  • If your finances have been weak for some time now, wearing the Opal gemstone can be very beneficial.
  • The stones are said to control temper and calm nerves.
  • There is a story that goes if you dream of an Opal, good luck will come.


The term ‘Tourmaline’ originated from Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) and means ‘stone of mixed colours’. Similar to Opal, Tourmaline features a dazzling array of colours. It comes in multiple colours, and each of them features a unique characteristic. For example, Pink Tourmaline promotes love, compassion and joy. Black Tourmaline gives the wearer a feeling of self-confidence. Tourmaline is found all over the world including Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar and the USA.

Tourmaline’s Facts & Folklore

  • Blue indicolite, pink rubellite and green verdelite are the most expensive tourmalines.
  • Tourmaline is the 8th wedding anniversary gemstone.
  • It is believed to strengthen the body and spirit.
  • In the medieval period, people used Tourmaline to heal physical as well as emotional ailments.