A Pocket Guide to Identify your Perfume Notes

Perfumes are the concoction of nature’s fragrance we all like to respire. From fruity to the sea breeze, we all have that one scent that we use daily or on special occasions. However, if you have ever wondered about the science behind perfumes, this article is for you. Here you will explore the basic key notes of your favourite perfume that will help you find the right fragrance without any additional help.

Identify your Perfume Notes

What is a Perfume Note?

Perfume note is nothing but the ingredients or essence that are used to compose the fragrance. These notes are categorised into three sections on the basis of their unique characteristics and role in the overall composition of your special scent.

First or the Top Note

The top note aka the headnote is the first hit of scent you sense. You will detect a sharp sensation in a few seconds that fades away within 10-15 mins of the first spray. The key purpose of this note is to give your perfume a strong start and a smooth transition towards the next note. The top note is generally crafted with a mild or soothing essence.

Middle or the Heart Note

The name of this note is quite self-explanatory. As the name suggests, the heart note takes up 70% of the space in the perfume, making it the ‘long-lasting’ note that you experience during your whole aromatic journey. It retains some of the top notes during the transition and slowly deepens its way towards the base note of the perfume. This note also acts as a buffer which makes it easy for the user to adapt the strong essence of the base note.

The Main or the Base Note

The base note is the foundation or core of the whole perfume. It adds depth to the lighter notes and gives a boost to the middle note for a long-lasting effect. You may experience the effect of the base note after 30-45 mins of the first spray. The base note is generally composed of strong essence which gels up with your body mist and retains its effects for up to 6 hours.

The Sniff Test

This test is a very simple way to experience the functioning of all three notes. Spray your preferred perfume on the back of your hand, and take a sniff from a distance, the strong sensation is your first note. Let the perfume dry on your hand for 30 seconds and repeat the sniff, the smooth fragrance you experience is your heart note. For the base note, you can either wait for 15 mins or just rub your wrists together to experience the mild linger of the base note.