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Money plants are best to fill the house with greenery and bring in good luck, happiness, and prosperity. They are perfect to gift your loved ones on festivals and housewarming functions and promote the concept of green gifting. Browse through our wide collection of money plants to offer your loved ones the gift of greenery and fresh air.

Explore the Range of Money Plants Online at Ferns N Petals

While talking about keeping plants at home, all of us are aware of the fact that Money Plants is one of the most popular choices. This green beauty is said to bring home luck, good wealth and fortune. Besides the vibe of this plant, Money Plant also has various other benefits. Overall, Money Plants makes up for a good choice of gift for all types of relationships and every occasion. With Ferns N Petals, you can easily send indoor plants within a few clicks. Additionally, the range of unique planter along with the Money Plant will fill your heart with joy. You can conveniently send these green gifts across borders with our online gift delivery services. Buy plants online in Mumbai from the exclusive range of Money Plants at Ferns N Petals. The fresh and refreshing Money plants will surely bring a smile on your loved one’s faces and fill their house with joy and positivity.

Order Different types of Money Plants Online from Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is a famous online portal that offers a wide variety of money plants in beautiful pots and planters. Given below are five different types of money plants along with their features that you can order from our website via online plant delivery service.

Green Money Plant

Green money plant has large green heart-shaped leaves. It has a leathery, shiny surface and the leaves are arranged alternately on long leaf-stalks. It is an ideal plant for homes and offices, easy to maintain in low light & is efficient at removing indoor pollutants.

Golden Money Plant

Golden money plant has large, glossy, golden heart-shaped leaves. NASA places this plant among the top three houseplants which are great at removing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. It can be grown both indoor and outdoor.

Gold King Money Plant

Goldking money plant is a variegated money plant that is easy to grow as a climber plant. It has flashy, gold-splashed, green foliage, which is typically heart-shaped but often oval and can brighten up any indoor space.

Neon Pothos Plant

The neon pothos plant is named so because of its neon green colour throughout its leaves and stems. It is highly effective at filtering harmful toxins from the air, such as benzene and formaldehyde and replace them with oxygen.

White Pothos Plant

The white pothos plant is also known as devils ivy. It has a long-growing, leafy wine and pointed heart-shaped green leaves variegated with white. The combination of white and green make this plant exotic that can brighten up any space.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Delivery of Money Plants via Ferns N Petals

Are you in search of thoughtful gifts for wishing your loved one’s happiness and prosperity in life? Ferns N Petals presents a wide variety of money plants online. These green & beautiful plants would make excellent gifts for birthday, anniversary, housewarming occasion, Diwali, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Friendship Day. If you go through our selection of plants, you’ll find different types of money plants in attractive designer pots and planters. The radiant money plant is known to activate positive energy, bring prosperity and energize the home with fresh air. Gifting money plant is a great way to wish joy, success and good luck to your loved ones. You can order money plants online from the comfort of your home and send across India in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore, Gwalior, Pune, and Mumbai with our same-day and next-day delivery services. Apart from the money plants, we provide many other indoor plants online like jade plant, lucky bamboo, bonsai, syngonium plant, Sansevieria plant, etc. You can order these plant to add nature’s beauty to your home or to gift to your friends and family on special occasions.

Order Online Money Plant for Valentine’s Day Gifting

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of the year to wow your partner and express your heartfelt love for him/her. As soon as this day arrives, people start looking for creative gifts to sweep their partner off their feet. Ferns N Petals presents a wonderful collection of Valentine’s Day plants that will make an excellent gift of nature and health for your partner. You’ll find different types of money plants on our website that comes in colorful and attractive planters. Money plants not only energize the home with fresh air but also reduces stress, anxiety, and help with sleeping disorders. Apart from plants, you can also check out several other romantic and creative Valentine’s gifts on our website, such as flowers, cakes, chocolates, greeting cards, soft toys, personalised gifts, and accessories. These gifts will speak of your love for your sweetheart in the sweetest manner possible.

Send a Majestic Money Plant Gift To Your Dad on Father’s Day

Gifting is a form of showing affection. It is one way to let your dad know that you love and care for him on such a special occasion as Father’s Day. If you’re not sure what to gift him, we have a huge collection of plants for Father’s Day that you could order and send. They are grown with the utmost care and therefore ensure high quality. Money plants are a highly ordered plant on such events. They are especially perfect for Father’s Day because of their symbolism. Money plants are considered lucky and must-have decor or home accessory item for all-around happiness in the house. Apart from that, they are also very easy to care for. A little sunlight and water every couple of days is enough to keep them thriving. They can be hung from the ceilings or put up on top of aquariums, they fit into any decor and provide a touch of green. You can now order your favourite kind from the comfort of your home and get it delivered anywhere in India. It’ll account for a unique Father’s Day gift and can be ordered in different kinds and colours of pots. Order one from our extensive collection today!

Amazing Facts & Care Tips for Money Plant

1. Money plant requires an adequate amount of water in its initial days. So, when you grow a money plant, water it well, but it shouldn’t be fully soaked in water.
2. If grown in the wild, the money plant can grow into a 50-60 feet tall tree. If grown in a container, the money plant can only reach 10-15 feet tall.
3. The survival rate of a money plant is quite high as compared to other plants. It cleanses the environment by removing toxins.
4. The creamy white flowers of money plant have a strong smell, which attracts bees and butterflies.
5. Money plant also has seeds that eventually enlarge and burst and thus fall on the ground.
6. Every branch of the money plant consists of five leaves that grow up to 12 inches.
7. The five leaves of the money plant represent five elements of Feng Shui- water, fire, metal, wood, and earth.
8. The sap of the money plant is extremely poisonous if consumed by mistake.
9. The money plant doesn’t require direct sun rays and does well in shady areas as well.
10. The fresh leaves of money plant can be consumed. The young leaves and flowers of money plant are cooked as vegetables & used as ingredients.