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Mothers Day Flowers Online

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Royal Orchid with Daisy Embrace

"Thank you for the timely de

- Janhavi R I

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Occasion: mothers-day

Online Rose and Orchids

"Always like the quality of flowers and thats why order with you guys.

- shagun anand

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Blue Moon Melody

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Bring Smile with Our Fresh Mother's Day Flowers Online

Mother's Day is knocking on the door and it is time to make your mother feel special. Your mother has done a lot for you and it is time to bring a little smile on the face of your beloved mother through mother's day flowers. These best blooms for mom on mother's day can effortlessly make her day. Sending flowers on a mother's day is one of the best mother's day gift ideas that can bring an everlasting smile on her face for a long time. Moreover, to add a sweet touch to the occasion consider ordering a Mother’s Day cake from our vast collection.

Give your Mom an early morning surprise and let her know that she is the most beautiful person that you have by your side. Flowers have always been a delightful gift for several occasions and have been the most popular amongst most women. Bunch up some fresh pink carnations, white carnations or any other variety of the carnations from an online store and gift it to your mother on this Mother's Day. FNP brings to you an array of spectacular flowers & flower arrangements for mothers day which has been quite aesthetically arranged by our in-house florists and has been delivered to the destination of your choice with a simple click of the mouse. We bet that you would be super happy about ordering flowers on Mother’s Day from FNP because our flowers will help you make your mom smile like never before.

Order Stunning Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

A mother's love is bigger and deeper than anything you can imagine. Her love has no depth or volume, for it is limitless. This very feeling is what makes her go to extreme lengths to provide her child with the best of everything. So, with Mother's Day around the corner, it seems only right that you reciprocate her efforts by doing something for her. This year, on 14th May, kick-start with aa special Mother’s Day bouquet that take her breath away. If her favourite flower is the lily, get a Mother's Day flower bouquet of white, yellow and orange lilies. Whether she keeps these blooms in her bedroom or office, they will indeed beautify the space. So, choose from rose baskets, gerbera vases, carnation bouquets, orchid boxes and many more Mother's Day flower arrangements that will make her smile ear to ear. These blooms will not only uplift her interiors but her mood as well. So, whether grumpy or happy, she will be ecstatic to see such beautiful presents in the morning itself. So, why keep her waiting? Place an order for these incredible Mother's Day flower arrangements to surprise your mom with the brightest set of blooms. 

Tips to Choose Flowers for Gifting on Mother’s Day

Flowers are a gift that can never go wrong. Their magic can bring an instant smile to anyone’s face. This Mother’s Day, make your mom’s day extra special and beautiful with a perfect Mother’s Day gift of flowers. Choosing gorgeous flowers for your mom requires thoughtful consideration to match up with the spirit of the occasion. First of all, make sure you order her favourite flower bouquet for Mother’s Day. Your chosen blooms should also symbolise your love and affection towards her in the best way possible. Whether you want to opt for special Mother’s Day roses, sunflowers, lilies or any other type, we bet you can get them all from our website in just a few clicks. Apart from the variety of flowers, you should also be concerned about Mother’s Day flower delivery because while selecting flowers is important, ensuring they arrive promptly is equally important to make her day truly special.

Flowers Dedicated to the Celebration of Mum's Day Across the World

No doubt, there are varieties of flowers for mothers day that can be selected for the occasion but it is important to choose the right flowers based on the choice of colour, fragrance and their associated meanings. Let us throw some light on the blooms for the mom's day that can be sent as mothers day flowers delivery in India as well as abroad.


They are the most traditional flowers for mum's day and are available in different colours. Pink Carnations are known to signify the gratitude and love towards your mommy while red carnations stand for the admiration of her. White Carnations are given in the loving memory of a mom who is not alive anymore. Choose any varieties of carnations and express your emotions towards the mother in a unique manner.


There is a special meaning attached to every rose bloom depending on their colour types. While mature rose blooms offer a message of gratitude, it is hard to find the best coloured rose for mother's day. The white roses signify virtue, purity and reverence, yellow roses are a symbol of devotion, medium pink blooms refer to grace, dark pink hues signify gratitude whereas the light pink hues mean youthful joy. So, which happy Mother's Day roses do you plan on giving to her?

Sunflowers and Gerbera Daisies

Gifting sunflower as mum's day flower is a wonderful way to spread cheerfulness and smile in the lives of your mother. The flower also signifies the admiration and respect for the beloved mom. Gerbera Daisies are also a great option for buying mothers day flowers due to their exciting colours. Daisies represent the beauty while the gerbera signifies the cheerfulness and playfulness.


Send mother's day flowers delivery to India in the form of this eye grabbing bouquet of tulips that can seamlessly make the day of your beloved mommy. Tulips in general show love, whereas the pink tulips refer to the caring spirit, red tulips denote the true love and yellow tulips bring the thought of cheerfulness.


They are one of the most loved happy mothers day flowers that arrive in multiple colours. The white lily denotes the purity and majesty whereas the Calla lilies refer to the beauty. Similarly, the day lily is a Chinese symbol of motherhood.


The flower signifies the faithfulness and devotion of a mother. Gifting violet flower to your mum would serve as an everlasting reminder of her devotion.


Orchids are known for their exotic and magical appearance which symbolises love, refinement and beauty. The flower is a Chinese symbol of "many children".

Not just that, there are other spring flowers such as Narcissus, Tulips, Daffodils, Muscari, Hyacinths, Primrose, Lily of the Valley, Peonies, Spiraea, Lilac, Wood Anemone and others that can together form a wonderful spring bouquets for your mom. You could even explore gifting the special designer bouquet known as "Mum's Charm" to celebrate the mom's day in an exotic manner.

Avail Smooth Mother's Day Flower Delivery Services

Flowers are such a present that should be delivered to the recipient with utmost care. Whether you are carrying them or the company is, their fragility concerns everyone. So, be assured when we tell you that we take the safest precautions and the greatest care to get your Mother's Day flower bouquets delivered. You could be living in Delhi and still be able to send gifts to Mumbai or Odisha via our services. These Mother's Day flower delivery services are- same day, one hour, midnight and standard. Each of these serves the same purpose but is useful to people with different needs. For last-minute Mother's Day cake and flowers, you can avail the same day and one-hour options. For a late-night surprise avail the midnight service, but for a much later date, the standard delivery is ideal. So, no matter where you are, you can send these blooms to your mom without hassle. With our super fast and efficient services, you can give your mom the best surprise. You can even add special Mother's Day gift hampers with the flowers that will make her jump in joy. Yes, with our gift and Mother's Day flower delivery, everything you add to the cart will reach her doorstep right away.

Why Buy Mother’s Day Flowers Online Via FNP

Mother's Day is a special day dedicated to honouring the unconditional love of mothers. Gifting beautiful flowers on Mother's Day is a time-honoured tradition that can never go wrong. With FNP, you can now order fresh and vibrant Mother's Day flowers online and surprise your mom on this special occasion. Here are some reasons why you should buy Mother's Day flowers online via FNP.

Fresh Mother's Day Flowers: FNP provides the freshest and most beautiful Mother’s Day bouquets. We carefully arrange the flowers to ensure that they are of the highest quality. You can be assured that the flowers will be fresh when they reach your mom.

Variety in Mother's Day Flowers: We offer a wide range of Mother's Day flowers, including roses, lilies, orchids, and carnations. You can choose from a variety of colours and types to find the perfect Mother's Day bouquet that reflects your mom's personality and preferences.

Customer Service: At FNP, we prioritise the satisfaction of our customers, and that's why we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team is readily available to address any questions, issues or feedback you may have, ensuring that your shopping experience with us is smooth and enjoyable.

Delivery Experience: FNP provides a seamless and hassle-free delivery experience on Happy Mother's Day flowers. We offer various delivery options, including same-day, morning, and midnight delivery that you choose at your convenience.

Things to Consider While Choosing Mother's Day Flowers

When it comes to choosing the perfect Mother's Day flowers, there are a few key factors to consider that will make your gift even more meaningful. At FNP, we understand the importance of finding the ideal blooms that capture your mom's essence and express your love. So, here are a few points that you can consider while choosing the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet for your mom.

  • Meaningful Symbolism

    Select flowers that hold a special meaning or convey a heartfelt message. For example, roses symbolise love and admiration, while lilies represent beauty and purity. Choose flowers that resonate with your mom's personality and the bond you share.

  • Freshness

    Ensure that the flowers you choose are fresh. At FNP, we take pride in providing the freshest and highest quality flowers for our customers. Fresh blooms not only look more vibrant and captivating but also have a longer lifespan, allowing your mom to enjoy their beauty for days to come.

  • Delivery and Timing

    Plan ahead and ensure that the flowers will be delivered in a timely manner. Mother's Day is a popular occasion for sending flowers, so it's essential to place your order in advance to guarantee delivery on the desired date. With FNP you can choose from various delivery options like same-day, midnight, and express at your convenience.

  • Grab Jaw-dropping Mother's Day Offers & Deals

    Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you still have not decided how to pamper your mom. As this is a bit concerning, we are here to help you speed up the process. With FNP, you can get as many Mother's Day flower arrangements and gifts as you want. What's the catch? There is no catch but an offer! We are giving you a chance to treat your mom in the right way and to shower her with lots of love with presents that do not burn a hole in your pocket. With a Mother's Day special offer of at least 15% off, deals, coupons and many more discounts, you can finally throw her a lavish celebration. So, why wait? Grab these jaw-dropping deals and offers to surprise your mother in the most unexpected way that leaves your wallet thick and your pockets stitched.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Mothers Day Flowers

    Q.1 What Are the Bestselling Mother's Day Flowers?

    Ans.- The best-selling mother's day flowers are - carnations, roses, lilies, and orchids. You can enjoy these colorful flowers in stunning bouquets, bunches, and vase/box/basket arrangements.

    Q.2 Are The Flowers of FNP Fresh?

    Ans.- Yes, FNP assures you of fresh flowers only. We believe in high-quality and that's why you would never come across stale or wilted flowers when ordered from our website.

    Q.3 Do You Offer Same-Day Or Midnight Flowers Delivery For Mother's Day?

    Ans.- Yes, FNP offers same-day and midnight flower delivery for mother's day celebration. Just place the orders by 4 P.M. (same-day) & 8 P.M. (midnight) to avail such offers.

    Q.4 Would FNP Deliver Mother's Day Flowers Outside India?

    Ans.- Yes, FNP has international delivery services and using that you can send mother's day flowers outside India. In total, we currently delivery in 170 countries worldwide including Singapore, USA, Malaysia, UK, UAE, Australia, etc.

    Q.5 Can I Get Mother's Day Flower Delivery To My City Via FNP?

    Ans.- FNP covers 400 locations across India and thus you can enjoy a mother's day flower delivery in your city too. All the metro cities, small towns, and also come remote villages are covered by our services.

    Q.6 What types of flowers are best for Mother's Day?

    Ans.- The best type of flowers are the ones that your mother likes but in case you don’t have any idea about that, then you can explore FNP’s website where you will surely find all the flowers that are perfect to give on Mother’s Day. From roses and lilies to sunflowers, you can simply select from a wide variety of blooms.

    Q.7 Can I customise my Mother's Day flower arrangement?

    Ans.- Unfortunately, we do not offer customisation options for Mother's Day flower arrangements at this time but we are confident that our pre-designed arrangements will beautifully convey your love and appreciation to your mother on her special day.

    Q.8 How do I care for my Mother's Day flowers to make them last longer?

    Ans.- To ensure the longevity of your Mother's Day flowers, you can start by trimming the stems & placing them in a clean vase filled with fresh water. Regularly change the water, re-trim the stems, and remove any wilted flowers or leaves.

    Q.9 Can I choose a specific delivery date for my Mother's Day flower order?

    Ans.- Yes, FNP allows you to choose a specific delivery date for your Mother's Day flower order. During the checkout process, you will have the option to choose the desired delivery date and delivery option. We offer same-day, fixed-time, express, one-hour and standard delivery options that you can choose at your convenience.

    Q.10 Are there any special deals or discounts for Mother's Day flowers?

    Ans.- Yes, our website features exclusive deals for this special occasion. You can take advantage of our discounted prices to make your Mother's Day gift even more special. So, stay tuned to our website for the latest deals and discounts, and shower your mom with beautiful flowers without breaking the bank.

    Q.11 Can I add a personalised message to my Mother's Day flower order?

    Ans.- Absolutely! You can easily add a personalised message to your Mother's Day flower order. During the checkout process, there will be an option to include a message or note to accompany the flowers.

    Q.12 Do you offer same-day delivery for Mother's Day flowers?

    Ans.- Yes, FNP offers same-day delivery for Mother's Day flowers, ensuring that your mom receives her beautiful gift right on time. You can also check out our other delivery options and choose according to your convenience.

    Q.13 Can I customise the colours and types of flowers in my Mother's Day bouquet?

    Ans.- We regret to inform you that we do not offer customisation of colours and types of flowers for Mother's Day bouquets. But we can assure you that our bouquets are crafted using the freshest flowers available to create stunning arrangements.

    Q.14 What is the best flower arrangement to send for Mother's Day if my mom has allergies?

    Ans.- If my mom has allergies then consider selecting flowers like orchids, sunflowers, or lilies, as they are generally well-tolerated by individuals with allergies. These blooms possess lower pollen counts and are less likely to cause discomfort.

    Unique Mother's Day Quotes To Show Mom You Care

    Ans.- Sometimes it is important to show your love in actions. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to thank your mom for everything she has done for you and show how much she means to you. You should not leave a single chance to show how blessed you feel to have your mom as a guiding light in your life. FNP is here with unique and lovely Mother's Day status that you can dedicate to your mom as a token of love. You can update Mother's Day Whatsapp status on your phone to make your mom feel extra special on this day and make it memorable for her.

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