World Bamboo Day: Top 6 Lucky Bamboo Varieties you Should Know

Known by the name ‘green gold’, bamboo is a versatile plant which has various uses. From providing timber to good luck, this plant has a great history when we talk about its utility. And to raise awareness about the different types of Bamboo plants, World Bamboo Day is celebrated on the 18th of September every year. This day gives us a chance to talk about this amazing plant and explore the goodness that it ushers into our lives. So, to enrich you with some information about bamboo plants, we’ve listed the top 6 Lucky Bamboo varieties.

Lucky Bamboo Varieties

Spiral Lucky Bamboo

As the name means, this plant grows in a spiral pattern which gives it a distinct appearance. It is an emblem of good luck and fortune and is known as one of the strongest Feng Shui components. In some cultures, the Spiral Lucky Bamboo is also a traditional sign of wealth, and health.

Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys)

One of the rarest forms of all, black bamboo can only be found on Asian soil. This is the fastest and easiest growing species of bamboo and therefore, considered lucky for the individuals in the timber industry. Although they are not the best fit for indoors, one can plant the black bamboo outside in the garden or on big grounds.

Dracaena Braunii

Dracaena Braunii aka the three-layered bamboo is famous for its low maintenance and fortune. It is also among the most popular ornamental houseplants. And since it can thrive in any light, you can keep the plant in your home or office without any worries.

Heart-shaped Bamboo

Like spiral bamboo, the heart-shaped bamboo is also under the spotlight for its unique shape and luckiness. This plant can also be moulded into different heart sizes; which not only makes it an ideal decoration item but a perfect romantic gift as well.

Buddha Bamboo

The Buddha bamboo is a unique Chinese plant that is known for its bumpy nodes that are identical to the original Buddha's protruding belly. Unlike other bamboo trees, Buddha Bamboo needs to be kept in very tiny pots. More so, the plant is pretty cute and you can decorate your home or office space with it.

Lotus Lucky Bamboo

Lotus Bamboo got its name from its resemblance to the Lotus flower. It has a single stem with leaves shaped like the lotus on the top. As per the Feng Shui experts, it denotes purity and emits good vibes only. P.S - the plant looks best in a tall vase.