Sardonyx, Spinel & Peridot: Amazing Birthstones for August Borns

Those born in August can proudly boast of having three gorgeous birthstones to choose from vibrant peridot, charming sardonyx, and brilliant spinel. The month of August is home to three birthstones i.e. Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx. Learn more about these birthstones here and hence, decide upon the perfect gift for those born in August.

August Birthstones

Peridot: Meaning, History & Folklore

Found in the hues of yellowish green to greenish-yellow, Peridot’s green colour is associated with peace, harmony and good health. Popularly known as the 'sun gem', 'evening emerald' and 'gem of compassion', wearing one is said to induce sound sleep, calm the frayed nerves and even cure depression. Most of this incredible gemstone today comes from China, Myanmar, Tanzania, Pakistan, Vietnam and the United States. Here are some facts about Peridot-

  • Since its colour resembles that of money, it is often associated with good fortune and prosperity.

  • Ancient Egyptians gave the nickname 'gem of the sun to Peridot since they believed it protects the wearer from the terrors of the night. Their priests believed that peridot held the power of nature.

  • Some even strung the stone on the hair of the donkey and wore it in their left arm to ward off evil spirits.

Spinel: Meaning, History & Folklore

The name 'spinel' is from the Latin term 'spina' which means thorn; the shape of these crystals. The stone is available in a range of spectacular colours including red, pink, violet, orange, purple and brown. Spinel is found all over the world including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Tanzania. Given its robust nature, this gemstone, in particular, makes a fine choice for different pieces of jewellery such as rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Here’s some of the never-heard-of-before Spinel folklore any avid gem lover would enjoy:

  • The stone is said to revitalize and bless the wearer with good energy. It also lowers the level of anxiety and stress.

  • The legends have it that spinel can help communicate with higher powers by enhancing intuition, bringing clarity and balancing emotions at the same time.

Sardonyx: Meaning, History & Folklore

Sardonyx is the most ancient birthstone for August that is available in the arresting colours of brown, red and orange. This is the prime reason that the stone has been a popular choice for signet rings as well as Roman seals. According to the Old Testament, Sardonyx is among the stones in the High Priest’s breastplate and is the symbol of spirituality & strength. Today, the stone is associated with courage, communication, happiness and marital bliss. More so, India, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Germany and the United States are some of the places that produce a notable amount of Sardonyx. A few of the well-documented folklores around this stone include:

  • Roman soldiers used to wear sardonyx rings with the engraved image of gods for protection during battle. The stone was believed to harness bravery and courage.

  • The gemstone is also said to provide protection against evil. Just place some in each corner of your home.