Know All About Jade Plant - An Enduring Succulent

Have you ever seen a small, lush green plant with coined-shaped leaves? If that’s a nod, then you have witnessed the beauty of the Jade plant in real life. It’s not a big thing to see Jade succulents nowadays, however, it was back in the 17th century. The green plant was first discovered in parts of South Africa and as time passed, it became a famous indoor plant that we all know today. Over 200+ jade plant varieties have been discovered so far, with Crassula Ovata being the most famous one.

All About Jade Plant

What Makes Jade a Famous Succulent?

The Jade plant is famous for its ability to resist heat and drought-like situations. Since such powers are only beheld by the empire of succulents, jade also becomes a famous succulent. This green can survive without much sunlight and handle temperatures up to 65-degree celsius. The same goes for jade plant watering. If there is too much heat outside, it only needs to be watered once a day. Otherwise, the plant does not have any particular need for regular hydration. One spray in 2-3 days is enough. In short, it is quite easy to fit jade plant care into your schedule.

What Makes Jade a Special Indoor Plant?

So far, you comprehend that it can be kept indoors. But, if you are wondering why you should keep the plant near you, then let’s get into its benefits first. This potted green also goes by the name of the good luck jade plant. It is believed that the jade plant emits good energy which helps attract money and prosperity into your life. As per the Feng Shui experts, the jade plant is at its best when gifted by someone. Also, to usher its good vibes into your life, try to keep it near your entrance. This way, it will be easy for the plant to welcome fortune!

How to Take Care of My Jade Plant?

You now understand how beneficial this adorable and lucky green plant is. So, if you are planning to search for online jade plants after reading this, you must know a few care tips. Even though jade is a tough succulent, it needs a bit of care to stay glowing and green. Provide it with at least 6 hours of indirect but bright sunlight every day. Similarly, do not spoil the plant by watering it very often, as it can damage the roots. A tip for all the new plant parents - if you want to buy a jade plant, make sure to get a pot with a hole in the bottom as it will help with the whole water system.