7 Amazing Climbing Flowering Plants for Indian Gardens

Walking past a home garden or a park, you saw a beautiful flowering plant climbing its way up to a wall. Its attractive green leaves, blooms and tendrils make you wonder about its name and origin until; you come across our article! So, if you enjoy watching these amazing greens grow against gravity and are wondering which one is which, we have listed some of the best climbing flowering plants (Indian Lianas) for you. Scroll down & enrich your mind with the information-

Flowering Plants for Indian Gardens


When we talk about climber plants, the first one that springs to everyone’s mind is the bougainvillaea. It is a low-maintenance vine that may be identified by its extravagant clusters of vibrant blossoms with little white flowers in the middle. Also, bougainvillaea can be grown indoors. You may also see its thorny branches as you go closer to it.

Bleeding Heart Vine

The bleeding heart vine is a woody vine with bushy green foliage and attractive bi-coloured blossoms. This climber is beautiful and endearing because of the five-lobed white sepals and tiny scarlet blooms that contrast very well with the green surroundings.

Blue Morning Glory

This evergreen vine is also known as the Blue Dawn flower or Koali Awa. It has beautiful blue-purple trumpet-shaped blooms, dark green velvety heart-shaped leaves and a slender twining stem that makes this climber plant easy to identify even with the naked eye.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil's ivy is often known as the money plant or golden pothos in India. The most distinguishing feature of this creeper flower plant is its heart-shaped leaves with yellow or white speckles.

Star Jasmine

The fragrant star jasmine has white blooms and glossy green leaves just like the original jasmine, which often confuses the admirer. The five-petaled blooms have a prolific blooming season i.e. in the late spring and summer.

Bengal Clock Vine

The unique name of this native Indian plant comes from its rope-like stems that twine exclusively in the clockwise direction. The Bengal clock vine grows perennially and produces gorgeous blue trumpet-shaped blossoms that are borne in long clusters.

Flame Vine

The flaming vine, also known as the golden shower climber, is a woody climber that grows speedily and produces a plethora of orange-red flowers in the winter and spring. The vine plant has a "fiery" appearance due to its cluster of 15-20 blooms that grow at the end of each branch.