How is the Festival of Baisakhi Celebrated?

Baisakhi, or Vaisakhi, is a Spring Harvest festival that is all about fun, frolic, music and dance. On this joyous occasion, farmers offer prayers to express their gratitude for the abundant Rabi crop. The festival is primarily celebrated throughout Punjab & North India and is an ancient festival of Sikhs and Hindus. This is also a festival of historic importance for the Sikh. On this day, they pay tribute to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, their tenth guru. Before we deep dive into how it is celebrated, let’s know a bit about the history of the festival.

How is the Festival of Baisakhi Celebrated

History of the Festival

It was the year 1699 when Guru Gobind Singh Ji chose the eve of Baisakhi to establish the Khalsa. The story goes that he once came out of his tent. He was carrying a sword in his hands and wanted those Sikhs who are ready to give their life for Khalsa, to come inside. Five men went in with him. Then the Guru came out with the blood-smeared sword. This scene worried the onlookers only when they saw the same men coming out unharmed and wearing turbans. They came to be known as the Panj Piare or Beloved Five. They were baptised and became the first five members of the Khalsa.

How is Baisakhi Celebrated?

On this Holy day, Gurdwaras are decorated and kirtans are held. Parades and special processions (known as Nagar kirtans) are also organised. Singing, music, reading scriptures and chanting hymns are some other traditions of the celebrations. People visit community fairs and local gurdwaras, socialise with people and share festive food. Also, many Sikhs choose the day to get baptised into the Khalsa brotherhood. Many Hindus take baths in the sacred river of Ganges, Kaveri and Jhelum, visit temples and celebrate with loved ones.