Demystifying Myths Around Vastu for Home Decor

Vastu Shastra is the Indian system of architecture. Today, a lot of people consult a Vastu Shastra specialist and then come up with the right way to do the interiors. There are a lot of Vastu Shastra myths that surround us, and we thought of debunking all of them. Our Demystifying Myths around Vastu for Home Decor guide will help you in coming up with a perfect home that is aligned with this magical system of architecture.

Demystifying Myths around Vastu for Home Decor Northeast Entrance is Auspicious

There is no guarantee that the Northeast entrance will bring you luck and happiness. With your positive energies, you can make your home an auspicious place.

Southeast Entry can't be the Main Entrance

The Southeast entry can be lucky for people. This myth is completely false.

The Toilet shouldn't be in the Northeast corner

There is no rule that the toilet shouldn't be in the Northeast corner. Our modern toilets are technologically advanced. Hence, you can add pastel colours and plants to your washroom for attracting positive vibes.

The Kitchen should only be in the Southeast Corner

In ancient times, exhaust fans didn't exist. Thus, it was believed that the kitchen should be in the Southeast corner so that the wind can enter and remove the smoke. According to our modern kitchens, this myth is completely wrong.

The Premises must not have a Peepal Tree

You can never control nature. If a Peepal tree grows naturally in your premises, then it is completely fine.