Are There Different Types of Snake Plants?

An evergreen perennial plant, the Snake plant is an ideal houseplant that is easy to grow, easy to take care of, difficult to kill and pretty tolerant of nature. Other than adding decor to your abode and additional benefits, snake plants improve indoor air quality and keep the air clean in your home. According to research by NASA, snake plants are capable of absorbing toxic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde. All in all, it is an attractive succulent that will beautify your casa. Here are some of the best types of Snake Plants to consider.

Are There Different Types of Snake Plants

Snake Plant Compacta

Also called as Dwarf Snake Plant, Snake Plant Compacta is an attractive and easy-going plant that thrives and blooms in partial or artificial sunlight. It features lush green foliage with bi-coloured markings of green and yellow. To keep it happy and flourishing, place it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

Golden Snake Plant

With its roots stemming officially out from Brazil, this variety of snake plant exhibits dark green sharp-pointed leaves with yellow bands on sides. It enjoys indirect sunlight and warmer temperatures, making it a suitable choice for indoor gardens. Also, it can survive almost any kind of soil.

Golden Birds’ Nest

Featuring little pinkish-white and fragrant flowers, Golden Birds’ Nest is a Dwarf-type Snake Plant that is appealing and looks stunning. It generally grows up to 10-inches tall. It has yellow leaves, tapered with horizontal green and white stripes. Don’t place this plant in cold areas since it is non-resistant to cold weather.

Father-in-Law Tongue

Next on our list of types of snake plants is Sansevieria aubrytniana 'Dragon'; popularly known as Father-in-Law Tongue. This gorgeous (ornamental) plant is slightly smaller than other snake plants. It features mottled, pale-green foliage and reddish dried margins.

Silver Birds’ Nest

Another dwarf snake plant, Silver Birds’ Nest has lush horizontal grey-green variegation. Its leaves resemble a rose and it can become larger than other ‘Hahnii’ types. Place your Silver Birds’ Nest in a warm spot that receives enough sunlight. This plant is very easy to take care of and doesn’t take much space due to its compact size.

Mother in Law's Tongue

Also known as Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, the plant is called so due to its sharp, erect and sword-like leaves. It is the most popular snake plant that is low-maintenance and perfect for all-new plant parents.