5 Stunning Plants That are Native to India

India is home to God’s most beautiful creations. And so is the case with plants. You better not underestimate India’s ability to grow as many plants as you wish. India houses a wide diversity of native plants that exceed over 35,000 species. From shrubs to perennials and from trees to native plants, there are n-numbers of extraordinary and unusual varieties that can only be found here. This writing piece talks about 5 stunning plants that are commonly cultivated and native to India.

5 Stunning Plants that are Native to India

Banyan Tree (Scientific Name: Ficus Benghalensis)

The banyan tree is India’s national tree and the most familiar one throughout the country. The tree is known to have originated here and is known far and wide for its large dense aerial roots that grow into thick woody trunks keeping the area underneath cool and shady. The leaves share similarities with fig leaves but are identifiable due to their white, sticky residue when plucked or cracked.

Jasmine (Scientific Name: Jasminum)

Beautiful, fragrant and bright - Jasmine is an evergreen shrub that is native to India and some areas of Africa, Australia and Asia that features a tropical climate. There are 150+ varieties of Jasmine to be found. They are highly utilised in making essential oils, perfumes, cosmetics and even as tea leaves.

Lotus (Scientific Name: Nelumbo nucifera)

Another native Indian plant is the Lotus that is not only praised for its beauty but is also sacred to a number of religions. Lotus is India’s national flower. Lotus symbolizes serenity and purity. It also features multiple medicinal and culinary applications.

Neem Tree (Scientific Name: Azadirachta Indica)

Also known as India’s wonder plant, the Neem tree is native to India and has the ability to relieve the body of several illnesses. You would have come across this tall evergreen tree with pointed bright green leaves many times while taking a stroll around your neighbourhood. It also has a distinctive smell - garlic/nutty type. The leaves are highly utilised for skin, hair as well as pest control.

Indian Mahogany (Scientific Name: Swietenia Mahagoni)

Last on our list of stunning plants that are native to India is Indian Mahogany. The tree/plant can be majorly found in India’s national parks and sanctuaries. Its wood is used for making cabinets, furniture and musical instruments too. The ruthless destruction and deforestation have put up its name on the list of endangered species.