5 Important Teachings of Lord Mahavira

Lord Mahavira, the 24th & last Tirthankara, is considered to be the founder of Jainism. He was born & brought up in Kundagrama near Magadha (Bihar). At the age of 30, Lord Mahavira decided to leave home in search of spiritual awakening. He practised intense meditation for twelve and a half years, after which he became omniscient. Also, during his lifetime, he taught people how to live and lead a quality life through his teachings. So as the occasion of Mahavira Jayanti draws near, let’s have a look at the 5 most important teachings of Lord Mahavira.

5 Important Teachings of Lord Mahavira

Non-violence (Ahimsa)

Under this teaching, Lord Mahavira states that we should always follow the path of non-violence (Ahimsa) & not cause harm in any way to any living being. Mahavira further explained that a person should not harm any living creature on this planet in any way i.e. speech, intent or action.

Truthfulness (Satya)

Lord Mahavira teaches everyone to speak harmless truth only. He says that a person should be true to oneself & others. Speaking the truth is rewarding, and you must strive for being 100% honest every day.

Asetya (Non-stealing)

Lord Mahavira clearly states that one should not take anything that has not been given. Be it wealth, remuneration for work or anything else, one should abstain from all types of theft. You should always choose the right path to earn something, theft is not an option.

Brahmacharya (Chastity)

One of the most important teachings of Lord Mahavira is to practice brahmacharya. It means staying away from any kind of sexual activities and sensual pleasures.

Aparigraha (Non-attachment)

Under this teaching, he propounded that a person should be free from any materialistic attraction & worldly possessions. Materialistic possessions have a tendency to make the person greedy for more. So, a detachment would free him or her and pave the way for Aparigraha.

All the aforementioned teachings of Lord Mahavira are intended towards adding more quality & value to one’s life. So, this Mahavira Jayanti, let’s try to follow the path guided by him and seek his blessings for a happy and prosperous life ahead.