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  1. To my little girl, who has grown to become an admirable and bold woman, I will always be proud of you.

  2. Dear daughter, this International Women’s Day, I wish you achieve all of life’s greatness.

  3. It gives me great happiness to see what an amazing and remarkable woman you have grown into. Happy Women’s Day!

  4. No matter how many achievements and laurels you earn, for me, you shall always be my number 1 woman.

  5. To my Wonder Woman, who has proved that everything is achievable. You inspire me every day, darling.

  6. I have seen your burning desire to achieve your goal, and now, on the cusp of your greatness, I am sure you will succeed.

  7. As a father, I shall always love you, but as a fellow citizen, I respect you for the excellent work you have done.

  8. To the daughter who strived to shatter the glass ceilings, you have come a long way. Keep shining!

  9. It gives me pride to see you flourish into a compassionate, ambitious and extraordinary woman. Happy Women’s Day!

  10. Since childhood, you displayed signs of being an exceptional person. As an adult, you have done marvellous work. Happy Women’s Day!

  11. Celebrate womanhood by embracing the fire and fierceness within you. Happy Women’s Day!

  12. To be a woman is a matter of pride. So, wear this achievement and show it off to the world, for you are incredible. Happy Women’s Day!

  13. Happy Women’s Day! This year onwards, let’s not bash, compete or compare each other but support and woot for one another.

  14. Your size, scars or style do not define you. You are perfect the way you are. Happy Women’s Day!

  15. This message is to tell you where your limits lie, and they are endless. Happy Women’ Day!