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Buy Plants Online in Gurgaon

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Jade Plant In Gold Tone Metal Pot Hand Delivery


- Ravindran Reddy

Delivered At: gurgaon

Occasion: birthday

Three layer bamboo in a round glass potpourri vase with white pebbles

"The service is amazing

- Pallvi Nagpal

Delivered At: gurgaon


Birthday Special Syngonium Plants

"Delivered well on time..!!

- Arun Kumar

Delivered At: gurgaon

Occasion: birthday

Buy Plants Online in Gurgaon and Gift Loved Ones a Breath of Fresh Air

When it comes to gifting for special occasions, green plants are becoming a top choice as it promotes eco-friendly approaches and environmental sustainability. And when you want to buy plants online in Gurgaon, we have an exclusive collection for you. Whether it’s a Jade Plant Terrarium in a Glass Vase or a Money, Jade and Syngonium Plant Set, you can find it all in our collection. Our online plant nursery in Gurgaon also has gifts for different recipients. For instance, you can order the Money Plant in Lucky to Have You Glass Pot for your spouse or partner. Meanwhile, you can order the You Are Simply Best Syngonium Plant Mug for your mother or sister. You can also order special combos during online plant shopping in Gurgaon from our website. For instance, you can order the Jade Plant and Cadbury Chocolates combo. You can order the 2 2-layer bamboo and eggless Chocolate Cakes to send lovely birthday wishes to someone. So, keep scrolling through our nursery and order the most exclusive green plants for your loved ones in Gurgaon.

Explore a Fascinating Collection of Indoor Plants at Our Online Nursery in Gurgaon

We have a gorgeous collection of indoor plants to transform your home into a greener and calmer space. Some of the top options for indoor plants in our collection are as follows:

Aloe Vera Plant: Keeping an aloe vera plant in your home is beneficial for various purposes. The aloe vera gel from the leaves can be used for various skin care remedies at home.

Lucky Bamboo: A lucky bamboo plant is a true symbol of positivity. Keeping it in your home will help attract happiness, prosperity, and good luck.

Bonsai Tree: You can give a bonsai tree to your loved ones for good luck, peace, and harmony. These plants are pruned and potted miniature versions of regular trees that grow in an artistic shape.

Jade Plant: You can keep jade plants at home for prosperity and growth. They are one of the best plants to keep at home with succulent leaves.

Aglaonema Plant: If you want to regulate the oxygen levels in your indoor spaces, aglaonema plants are a great choice. These plants are also considered a harbinger of good fortune.

Order Outdoor Plants from Our Online Plant Nursery in Gurgaon

Our fascinating collection of plants also includes some options to make the outside world greener and healthier. Some of the best outdoor plants in our collection are as follows:

Potted Rose Plant: A potted rose plant outside your home can be a great addition. The gorgeous plant will have an aesthetic appeal other than the ability to purify the air around you.

Tulsi: A tulsi plant is considered a sacred addition to any Hindu household. It also has several medicinal benefits, like treating colds & asthma and relieving stress.

Ornamental Plants: Our vast range of ornamental plants can make your gardens and balconies look heavenly. The leaves and flowers of ornamental plants are a perfect blend of beauty and colours in your outdoor spaces.

Foliage: Some common foliage plants you can keep outside your home include Sanseniverias and White Pothos. They are a great addition to outdoor spaces because of their thick and broad leaves that bring beauty and brightness.

Hanging Plants: Instead of placing them somewhere, you can also hang plants from your balconies, windows, or front porches. Some popular hanging plants for outdoor spaces include the Marble Pothos, String of Pearls, and Burro’s Tail.

Go Online Plant Shopping in Gurgaon and Make Your Workspace Greener

Keeping plants inside an office can create a positive and tranquil environment. Some of the best office plants in our collection are as follows:

Money Plant: Keeping money plants will help you attract more wealth and good fortune. Browse through our collection to order money plants in unique planters like a ceramic pot or a glass jar.

Snake Plant: If you are looking for a plant with low light requirements, snake plants are the best choice. Keep them out of direct sunlight and water them when they are dry, and you will see them growing parallel with the success of your organisation.

Spider Plant: A spider plant is perfect for any workplace due to its minimal care requirements. These plants bring luck and promote good health by cleansing the air around you.

Peace Lily: A peace lily plant comes with excellent air-purifying properties. Moreover, it will help enhance the moisture levels in a room.

Syngonium Plant: When you are starting a new job, a Syngonium plant, which is a symbol of a new beginning, can be a great addition to your office desk. The leaves of the gorgeous plants represent the five elements of nature.

Buy Live Plants Online in Gurgaon with Beautiful Planters

Our collection of indoor and outdoor plants is truly fascinating, with multiple choices for you. But one of the best things about our online nursery in Gurgaon is that we sell our plants in beautiful planters. You can pick from various types of planters to fulfil the aesthetic requirements of your indoor or outdoor space. We have planters in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. For instance, you can explore our plastic pots in white, yellow, red, and other colours. Our metal planters are also quite appealing. You can definitely check out our Jade Plant in Metal Planter. Additionally, you can explore our collection of glass bottles, jars, and bowls with beautiful live plants online in Gurgaon. You can also order our plants in beautiful ceramic mugs with special messages. For instance, you can order the Happy Teacher’s Day Bamboo Plant Surprise in our collection. You can also explore wood and ceramic pots like the Green Syngonium Plant in the Mango Wood Pot or the Money Plant in a White Colour Ceramic Pot. Moreover, our collection of vibrant and unique terracotta pots can also be great pieces of decor for your favourite people. So, explore our collection of planters and order plants online in Gurgaon with gorgeous planters.

Choose Our Effortless Online Plant Delivery in Gurgaon

Whenever you are buying plants online, you will need a reliable delivery service. At FNP, we offer hassle-free and effortless plants delivery in Gurgaon. We will ensure that your plant gifts reach your loved ones in perfect condition and continue to bloom and thrive. We offer a same-day delivery service for green plants. You can also choose our three-hour and in a few hours delivery service to get even faster online plant delivery in Gurgaon. We also have a special midnight delivery service to help you surprise your dear ones with green buddies in the middle of the night. Additionally, you can rely on us for fixed-time delivery to ensure that eco-friendly gifts appear at the doorstep of your dear ones at a specific time period. While we are the perfect choice when you are looking for a “plant delivery service near me,” we also offer international delivery services. You can choose us for next-day and two-day delivery services for international orders. So, place your order and enjoy a seamless delivery service for online plants.