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Bonsai Plants Online

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Bonsai Plants Online
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Online Ficus Bonsai Plant
Good well packed item
Sat Oct 17 2020
Delivered at: Kolkata
Occasion: Birthday
Ficus Bonsai In Beautiful Planter
Thank you for those invaluable smiles.
Mon Oct 12 2020
Delivered at: Thane
Ficus Bonsai In Beautiful Planter
Kudos to your customer service department.Specially Gaurav
Mon Sep 28 2020
Delivered at: kharadi-pune
Occasion: birthday
Ficus Bonsai In Beautiful Planter
Good plant.. nicely packed ...
Sat Sep 19 2020
Delivered at: Bangalore

    Plants make the best gifts for every occasion that offer something green and healthy to your loved ones. Our extensive collection of plants is filled with beautifully groomed and manicured bonsai plants online that you can gift your friends and dear ones on festivals and housewarming occasions. The bonsai plants will make the perfect addition to their home and office.

    Importance of Keeping Bonsai Plants at Home

    The term bonsai means ‘planted in a container.’ Bonsai is an important part of Japanese culture dating back to the 14th century. It the art of cultivating small trees within a container that take the shape and scale of full-size trees. The indoor bonsai plants enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space and offer multiple health and psychological benefits. That is why they are considered the best indoor plants to keep at homes and offices. Growing bonsai tree requires special care, love, and attention that creates a healthy and beautiful environment.

    Growing original bonsai tree helps people get relief from stress due to the undivided attention needed for their pruning and cultivation. It makes you patient and physically active. The indoor bonsai plants purify the air and give joy and contentment to all who see it. Also, when properly cared for, the original bonsai tree can live for decades that can be passed down in your family and treasured by generations to come. Ferns N Petals is a famous online gift portal that offers a wide array of bonsai plants online in glass vases, concrete pots, and ceramic planters that you can keep anywhere in the home to enhance décor. Ranging from the ficus ginseng bonsai plant to pachira bonsai plant, ficus crache bonsai plant to ficus Iceland bonsai plant and s-shaped ficus bonsai plant to Carmona bonsai pant - you can find plenty of indoor bonsai plants on our portal at affordable prices. You can order live bonsai tree from our website that would make an excellent birthday, anniversary, Diwali, and housewarming gifts for your plant-enthusiast friends and loved ones. Having the original bonsai tree around will stimulate their creativity and learning skills and boost their immunity.

    Send Bonsai Plants Online Anywhere in India & Abroad via Ferns N Petals

    Ferns N Petals is a renowned name that you can trust to buy gifts, flowers, cakes, and plants online and send to your loved ones in India and across the globe. We present a wide range of live bonsai trees online that help keep the air fresh and bring a sense of calm. From the available options like pachira bonsai, ficus bonsai, bougainvillaea bonsai, ficus Microcarpa bonsai, and ficus ginseng bonsai, you can pick the right bonsai tree online for your surroundings or gift to your friends and family during festivals and special occasions. Be it your best friend’s birthday, colleague’s housewarming party, Mother’s Day or Friendship Day, indoor plants like bonsai would make an excellent gift that will help nurture their plant growing skills and expertise. Once you have made the selection, you can avail our same day, midnight, and next day delivery services for hassle-free plants delivery online in India and abroad. We promise timely delivery of beautiful bonsai plants to the destination of your choice right on time.

    Buy Bonsai Plants Online - Ferns N Petals

    Plants Type Varieties Our Specialty
    Good Luck Plants Lotus, Wheel Bamboo etc. Same Day Delivery
    Bonsai Plants Ficus, Carmona, etc. Free Delivery Across India
    Flowering Plants Rose, Gerbera, Lily etc. Remote Area Delivery

    Famous types of Bonsai Trees or Bonsai Tree Online

    Ficus Ginseng Bonsai - Also called banyan fig, Taiwan ficus, and laurel fig. This variety of indoor bonsai plant has a striking appearance because of the thick roots that stay above the surface of the ground.

    Pachira Bonsai - It is an evergreen broadleaf tree with hand-shaped leaves consisting of up to 9 leaflets.

    Juniper Bonsai- Recognised as one of the popular original bonsai trees, it is easier to train and shape.

    Jade Bonsai - It is a low-maintenance indoor bonsai plant that stores a huge quantity of water in its leaves for a long time. Jade bonsai tree is a perfect buy for new horticulturalists. 

    Bougainvillea Bonsai - It has trumpet-shaped flowers often magenta or purple coloured, which grow in clusters of three.

    Carmona Bonsai - Carmona bonsai tree has small dark green shiny leaves that are covered with hair and form a dense character.

    Azalea Bonsai - This tree adds colour and bloom to the bonsai art. The azalea bonsai tree offers dazzling blooms in red, white or pink.

    Care Tips for Bonsai Plants you Buy Online

    • The indoor bonsai plant should be positioned where it receives sufficient sun. It can be viewed best when placed approximately 3-4 feet high on a wall or table

    • Water the original bonsai tree when the top 1-1.5 inches of soil is dry. Never allow the soil to dry out completely. If your bonsai plant is receiving full sun, then it is necessary to water it once a day

    • Fertilizing regularly during the growing season is important for the bonsai tree to survive. You must use the fertilizer specifically formulated for bonsai trees

    • Regular light pruning of an indoor bonsai plant is required

    • It is crucial to use the right soil mixture for your bonsai trees that drain properly and provides enough aeration and water retention

    • It is necessary to regularly re-pot your bonsai plant for proper growth and development. The ideal time to transfer your bonsai to another pot is immediately after winter.

    Buy Bonsai Indoor Plants Online from Ferns N Petals

    Bonsai Plants are one of the best indoor plants. Besides a charming look, Bonsai Plants helps in purifying the air and has a list of psychological advantages attached to it. You can send Bonsai Indoor Plants to Bangalore with Ferns N Petals and wish your loved ones good luck, joy and prosperity in life. Scroll through our awesome range of Bonsai plants and deliver this beauty to your friends and family in no time. Some of the best picks in this range are Ficus S-Shaped Plant in Green Smiley Pot, Potted Ficus Bonsai Plant, Marvellous Ficus Microcarpa Plant, Attractive Ficus Iceland Bonsai Plant and more. Our online express delivery, same-day delivery, midnight delivery and next day delivery service will help you send these indoor plants to Bangalore right on time. The bonsai will enhance the beauty of their home or garden and keep growing just like your happy and prosperous relationship.