Which Flowers Bloom in October?

“Flowers are like friends; they bring colour to your world.”

Flowers are among the beautiful, little things that exude the joy of life. Not only are they beautiful, and appealing but they hold utmost importance in nature such as imparting beauty to a place and providing medicines, perfumes, etc. All things considered, the earth would be a duller place without flowers. Different flowers bloom in different seasons of the year. Though spring and summer are the most favourable ones, October is the most elegant time of the year that promises a lovely garden. Fall foliage, Chrysanthemum and Asters - October offers more blooms. Keep reading to know about the beautiful flowers that bloom in October and will bring the splash of colours to your backyard.

Which Flowers Bloom in October


Not only are Marigolds the birth flower for October, but also bloom well into the fall season. Calendula, or pot marigold, adorn layers of beautiful orange and yellow blooms and can grow fully in about 8 weeks. They bloom consistently right from planting until freeze. Not to mention, they add beautiful hues to your garden and attract butterflies, ladybugs and other beneficial insects.

Toad Lilies

The star or bell-shaped Toad lilies are borne on upright, arching stems. They have tiny but generous flowers that begin to bloom just when all the summer flowers start fading. Like toads, they prefer shady, moist places. They can also tolerate the sun when watered sufficiently. Given they have far more charisma, plant them where they are visible and admired.

White Turtlehead

Found in most of the east of North America, White Turtlehead is a native wildflower that requires moist conditions with rich soil to thrive. Since the flower resembles the turtle’s head, so is the name. It works as a host for butterfly and moth larvae, and butterflies & hummingbirds benefit the most from the nectar. If provided optimum conditions, you can expect its height to reach up to 3-4 feet.


Aster is beautiful, tall and star-shaped that features daisy-like flowers with yellow centres and violet petals. They bloom from August to October, depending on the variety. Whitewood aster and Heath aster are some of the Aster varieties that bloom in October. They thrive in well-drained organic soil, full sun to partial shade.


Chrysanthemum is also among the October flowers that grow in well-drained soil and requires full sun. This bright, showy flower is a popular sight in most home gardens and is perfect for flower arrangements. There are n-number of species of chrysanthemums that differ in size and colour. Some of the varieties that bloom in October are the Sarah, Emperor of China, and Sunny Morning.