Which are Some Popular & Classic Flowers Used for Decoration?

There’s something about decorations that liven up any event (or even a simple space) and make it more memorable for guests (or the residents). Flowers are an excellent way to give your space some character and personality. Since they come in different colours, sizes, and shapes, you can mix and match them in different ways and use them as decorations for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Eid or Thanksgiving. Listed below are some popular flowers that have high aesthetic value and are used for decoration.

Classic Flowers Used for Decoration


Roses are one of the most popular and beautiful flowers of all time that are used to decorate homes. They come in a wide range of colours and varieties, so there is sure to be a type that will fit perfectly into any space. They are a popular choice to bring a dose of colour to your home while also adding a calming aroma, making them the perfect decoration for any occasion!


A symbol of elegance, grace and desire, Orchids are often used as decorations at weddings, banquets and other fancy events. This highly coveted ornamental flower is available in a huge array of colours, including purple, red, pink, white and orange. Even its single stem is enough to add a pop of colour to any room! Lastly, Orchids are not only great for the indoor decoration but also work well outside.


Chrysanthemums are common indoor flowering plants that are used for decorations on birthdays and other special occasions. They are primarily grown for their aesthetic value. As they are available in a myriad of arresting hues, they double as versatile decorations.


Carnations are eye-catching blooms that make a perfect addition to almost all big events. They are found in different shades and each colour carries a particular meaning. Be it preparing elegant centerpieces or ravishing bouquets, carnations certainly have the ability to glam up the entire décor.


The fluffy and delightful Hydrangea represents beauty, grace and gratitude. It is a radiant flower that finds itself sitting in bouquets and centrepieces, especially in summer. Like those mentioned above, Hydrangea is available in lavish colours. People primarily use Hydrangea to decorate their homes in autumn and winter. The magical flower naturally suits well to floral decorations for weddings and birthdays but is equally perfect for memorial bouquets.


Lilies make an elegant bloom and are often decorated as single stems or in bouquets. They are used as ornamental flowers for a wide range of occasions including weddings, religious holidays and even memorial services. They can be grown at home in a soil-based medium and set in a warm, humid, and indirect sunlight environment.