Which Are Some of The Most Colourful Plants in The World?

Has lockdown given birth to the inner gardener in you? No matter how small your floral paradise might be or how non-professional your knowledge in plants is, with some of these breathtaking colourful flowers, you can now transform your living space into a visual wonderland.

Which Are Some of The Most Colourful Plants in The World

Blue Tango

The colours of this plant are often described as unbelievable. This perennial plant type has petals in a combination of electric violet-blue and hot pink. The stems are also dark red in colour. After blooming, its striking flowers stay in shape for close to five months. This plant can be grown indoors as well.

Tiger Flower

Tiger Flowers are native to Mexico. The name of this flowering plant comes from the red and yellow stripe-like patterns on its petals. They are very unique in their appearance. One special fact about this plant is that they only live for one day once it’s in complete bloom.

Walking Iris

Walking Iris is also known as ‘Apostle Plant’ and is a common sight in Central America. The petals of this flowering plant cast a bright contrast of blue and pearl white with a snowflake-like pattern near the head. They are often seen drooping to the ground because of the flower’s extensive weight which causes the stalk to bend.

True Passionflower

True Passionflowers are also known as wild apricots. They are the official state wildflower of the state of Tennessee. It doesn’t look like a typical flower but has prominent blue and white tentacle-like petals. In some species, the head of the flower can also be found to be yellow. They usually bloom in the middle of summers, and if you’re getting one for indoors, make sure they have access to plenty of sunlight.

Opium Poppy - Danebrog

Opium poppies can be called a dangerous beauty. Their wild red flowers are mesmerisingly eye-catching and their seeds have a big use in the making of drugs like morphine. The Danebrog version of the plant has a white cross in the middle with a yellowish-green head and large stamens in the middle.

Great Masterwort

It’s a favourite among florists because of its unusual look. Great Masterworts are a common sight in Europe. The flower comes in beautiful shades of pink and white with a large cluster of little pale green blossoms flowering through the head of the flower. They almost look like little pins on a cushion. It is also an amazing garden flower because of its ability to remain pest and disease-free.

Bird-of-Paradise Flower

Bird of paradise has very unusually placed petals that resemble cranes. This colourful plant is native to South Africa and symbolises freedom. Their speciality is that its flowers are made up of six petals: three orange and three blue. All petals do not bloom at once but when the process is complete, the flowers take the shape of a bird in flight.